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My visit to the doctor

Doctor's visit can usually be a hardship, but is essential to go as much as needed. Never neglect your body.

I don’t  know if any of you are like me, but I almost hate going to the doctor. You have to step on the scale,  You are already know you are over weight. You somehow feel less than. The only thing that makes it ok, is if the medical assistant is over weight herself. Then you have to wait longer than you wanted to,  because the doctor is running late. Doctor comes in, tells you how fat you are, and you must lose weight. OK everybody so I have decided to go on a diet. For real…this time.  I have decided to do the Mediterranean diet.  I will be keeping an on going daily log. Watch for updates. Starting date 9/15/17 My goal is to lose 50lbs, healthier eating habits, better blood pressure. Feel free my wonder ful audience to ask questions, leave comments and suggestions. Thank you!

Hello Everyone, I had a wonderful night, I slept very well. So I wanted to share what the Mediterranean diet consisted of; It is an abundance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and Olive Oil.  It also encourages you to eat fish, poultry, and lean sources of protein, minimize red meat, because it has more saturated fat.  Red wine occasionally.  The fruit will basically be your dessert.  I challenge you to do this diet with me.  It is my desire to make this a way of life.  Come join me!

Remember life is what we make it, so make the most of your life! Úntil next time…





Insight on the creator of, a personal bio on Anita C. Phifer

Hello,  my name is Anita. I decided to do a Blog bécause I wantéd to give an honest perspective from middle âge, African American female. With sincerity and transparency. I have been married for 28 years, one child, three awesome grandsons; who I love dearly. Life is tough, the World is wicked, and each day seems to be worse as time goes on. We as people have become more and more insensitive to our fellows brethren.


Welcome to all, we hope to see you again and to be able to encourage you through the scriptures

Welcome my friend, You are at the right place, at the right time.

Welcome one and all. It is my desire to lift your spirit, give you words of encouragement while imparting some insight on certain topics you might not be familiar with. Note that my blog is spiritually based concerning the body and soul.

There will be personal stories and testaments of loved ones, as well as myself, regarding health and spiritual experiences. We learn from each other and you are encouraged to share your experiences with us as you please, for we are your friend, and we are your family in Christ beloved.

We encourage you to speak your truth, to encourage others to be better than ever in this life, and never allow pride to keep you from forgiving or seeking forgiveness. Truth and transparency are key elements in becoming a better you.

There will be discussions of many different religions but I believe there is only one true and living God. Know that diversity is necessary. We are melting pot of various beautiful people which will allow us to learn about others and their beliefs, lifestyle, and culture. But we must respect one another if we call ourselves Christians, or call ourselves mature adults.

We are here to encourage you and your friends and family, never to hurt or demonize anyone. We all have a voice to be heard on this platform. In the big scheme of things, we are one in the spirit, and we are one in His love.

Feel free to impart wisdom, leave comments and ask questions, we are willing to be transparent, and are willing to stand in agreement with you in prayer. I am excited you are here! I hope we meet again. Be well, my friend, for you are welcome. To the only wise God our Savior, both power and dominion. Welcome, Anita & Courtney