Hurricane Harvey 2017

I wanted to share my experience in Houston during Hurricane Harvey.  I am currently in Houston as I type.  But saw some of the most incredible events, heard some of the most sad, horrifying stories.  I was staying with a friend, but during the storm she had to be at her job.  So from Friday, the day the rain started, until Wednesday when the rain finally let up, and the sun began to peak his little head out; and give us a ray of hope….I was by myself with all my thoughts, feelings, the news on from the time I woke up at 8am, until I went to sleep at 3, 4 and 5am.  Talking about tired, once I was awake, that was it.  I mean who could sleep during all the madness Harvey was dumping on Houston. I was within a few miles from Houston Northwest Medical Center, so if it was necessary I would have gone there.  It seem to be the safest place to go. I could use the toilet, have cool air, and maybe some food. Because hanging out at the hotel on the third floor balcony would have been my next option. Me and a backpack I had prepared just in case.

There were cars completely submerged under the water, in some cases water in peoples houses. So my concerns were water coming into the place I was staying at. The rain was continuous, and I could see it coming to the top of the porch. Then listening to my daughter in another state saying “mom, the water is quite.  As hard as you sleep, it could be in there and you wouldn’t even know it;  until it was too late.” So needless to say she was right, But as GOD, would have it.  I didn’t encounter any personal troubles concerning Hurricane Harvey. For that I am Thankful

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF:  Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test, and no matter how you feel, speak the word and you will be healed. Speak over yourself, encourage yourself.  By Donald Lawrence

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