Safe in his arms…

Nothing could have been more scary, I’m sitting in the hospital bed talking on the phone, happy and laughing.  When I got up to go to the restroom, my heart did that thing it had done the night before, and the day before that. I was hooked up to a monitor, so the nurses could see what my heart was doing. I sat down on the bed, nurses and a response team ran into my room. There must have been a dozen folks in my room, doing EKG’s, vitals, and anything else you can think of. One nurse in particular stands out among the rest, her name was Maddie. Man she was right by my side, keeping me calm, telling me its going to be okay.

You know I wasn’t afraid until that day, it was a Sunday evening. I will never forget , because my friends from the church had come by to visit.  I had never felt more love, than I had that day.  It wasn’t until they left, I had talked on the phone, and my daughter was on her way, with the grandbabies. Oh yeah twins (Mark and Tyler) who are my heart. But to have the response team in my room, let me know just how serious my situation was. Everything was fine again, I had thrown up, as my routine was the two days before. Back to my peaceful night.

Monday morning I had a test down on me that was considered a stress test.  The only difference was that I wasn’t on a treadmill. The tech put leads on me, I drank a barium so they could see my heart, as well as the valves, and the arteries.  It turned out that I had a blockage in an artery near the heart.  I was then prepped to have a stent placed in my artery.  A stent is like a little mesh tube that’s used to treat narrow or weak arteries. A stent is then placed in the artery which is called Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, it is also known as Coronary Angioplasty, which restores the blood flow through the blocked arteries.

This situation made me see life so differently. In the sense that we can be here today, and gone tomorrow. Also the fact that we won’t also be here on this earth.  The possibility of not being able to see my three grandsons grow up. It’s scary to me, it has made me want to express even more love to the boys, and be kind to everyone I come in contact with.  It also has made me search myself.  I have now asked the questions, why am I here, what is my purpose, what good am I suppose to do, while on this earth? I have even said to myself that I must get my personal affairs in order.  But most of all get up day with a purpose, and do something productive each day.

It is my belief that God saw me through that time in my life, for which I am grateful. I felt safe in HIS arms.

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