I saw the blog of one of my fellow bloggers. She spoke on 9/11.  When I think back on that date, I cannot help but remember my mother.  Because she passed away two days before.  Please forgive me when I say I was numb September 11, 2001; mom had just died that Sunday afternoon, before 9/11.  I was confused at first.

When I sat down and saw what had actually happened, my mind was blown.  My heart was so broken.  I cried more at that point, and I am currently in tears.  After so many years, it is incredible that someone could be that evil.  I have to tell myself over and over, it’s the world we live in.  As sad as it is.

Encourage yourself, when life has you down. Never waddle in your sorrow, or sadness. Release your anger, and think on things that are good and wholesome.

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