Life’s Uncertainties

Beautiful-Sunset-sunsets-and-sunrises-1290022-1680-1050I have a loved one who Sarcoidosis.  It is uncertain what will happen next, we are praying for God to heal; as we know He can.  I am going to call her Kate, to protect her privacy.  I like that name Kate, it holds a special place in my heart.  Well not only does Kate have Sarcoidosis, but has now been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension recently.  She now been placed on a waiting list to see this specialist in Houston, her medicines were bumped up; like her steroids and water pills.

For the last year Kate has been struggling with walking, swollen legs, feet, and stomach area; as well as maintaining a decent level of oxygen.  So special accommodations are being taken to keep Kate as independent as possible.  Especially since she is oxygen dependent.

Kate is a little middle aged woman, who loves life, laughter and friends.  She is short and round, with caramel colored skin.  She even has a little bowed legged thing going on with her right leg.  Kate’s hair is short, a salt and pepper, naturally curly afro.

Kate passion is her job.  She absolutely loves that crazy job.  While off duty, or sleeping she refuses to turn off her phone.  But I guess that’s because she is in charge.  But I love that she loves her job, as well as her employees.  I just wish she could separate herself while away.  Her passion and desire to do the best possible job she can drives her to the point were the only way she is not thinking about it, is when she is either watching her favorite shows (Big Brother, Chopped) or when her medicine has kicked in; and she has no choice but to go to sleep.

If you could see Kate when she wakes up, and is doing her morning routine.  She has her morning devotion, with prayer, listening to spiritual music, crying, worshiping, and giving God all she has.  Oh to see her worship, man she cries and she cries.  Since she’s been going through so much; It begins to touch my heart.  I will continue the music if I feel she needs to cry it out, because the music helps.  I love that she worships and is able to release all those feelings, all the pain, the fears.

Kate is trying to have a positive attitude about everything that is going on with her body; but she is human.  Please keep Kate in your prayers!


I gain more strength when I see someone like Kate who struggles daily just to breathe. Something that many of us take for granted.  Prayer and believing God is the key that holds Kate together.

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