I can barely breathe




My pulse is low, my oxygen level is low.  I have over exerted myself, so now I have to rest, in order to allow the my Oxygen Concentrator to do what it needs to do.  Which is to pump the necessary oxygen back into my body.  Because I work eight to ten hours per day, on a O2 tank, that weighs three pounds.  I carry it in a back pack fit just for the “B” tank on my back, as I move about.

The concentrator works a lot like a portable window air conditioner unit; it takes in air, modifies it and delivers it in a new form.  Another term for modify is purify; for the people requiring medical oxygen due to low oxygen levels in their blood.

Kate wheres a nasal cannula every moment she is at home; that is hooked up to the Oxygen Concentrator.  At a much higher level than most because she struggles more and more lately.  Until she is seen by the specialist for her Pulmonary Hypertension.  Otherwise the cannula is attached to the portable tanks while outside the house.


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