President Trump, a real class act!



So let’s start with these questions, Doesn’t he have a country to run?  Bigger fish to fry? Real life issues for the people of this United States?

I bet the non-racist people who voted for him, are saying to themselves “Man are you kidding me?”  “Run the country, and leave them NFL ballplayers alone”.  I thought I had heard it all, until yesterday.  This is my personal opinion; I have never heard of such idiotic nonsense.  I know every one thought when we had a African American president he was going to show some signs of being ghetto, ignorant, or unethical.  But President Obama was outstanding, intelligent, classy, and the most up-standing president we could have ever asked for.

I am proud to say he was our president, not for one term; but two.  Imagine me being an African American woman, and being able to see a black man in the White House, in my life time.  I cannot begin to express the feeling that radiates throughout my inner self.  Even though Congress fought him tooth and nail; in this evil racist country we live in.  We aren’t any better off today then we were 55 years ago.

Have you ask yourself why Trump cannot seem to stay off of social media?  Every time he tweets, he shows more and more just what type of person he really is.  My heart is sad for him, I didn’t want him as a president; but pray he does what is best overall for the country.  I know wishful thinking, but my positive attitude and prayer will not go unheard.  You mark my word.  God is still in control.

Now I believe protesting, or politics shouldn’t be a part of the work place.  So if the ball players are to play a game, then they should do just that.  But in their defense they weren’t disrupted to the game.  It was a peaceful protest.  I believe as a team, they have the right to decline going to the White House.  I need you to think about why Trump is really upset, please and thank you!  He takes everything that people say and do against him so personal, but we need him to grow up.  He is in the wrong position, to have such a sensitive personality.

It is a sad, sad world we live in today.  Much prayer is needed, so I solicite your prayers.  That is the only way I get through the day, especially since Trump has taken office.  I am not hating on Trump, but I am not wild about him, nor did I vote for him.  I listened to a video of President Trump, it was a series of videos actually.  When he opened his mouth and said anything.  He had no self control, he was ugly, rude, unprofessional, evil, unintelligent, as well as immature.  President Trump is a real class act!  God help him.

Encourage Yourself;  Put things into proper perspective, changing the negatives into positive.  MUCH PRAYER!!!

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