It is my desire to do your will Lord.

I find then in the law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.  Romans 7:21. I think it is human to struggle on a daily basis.  To say that you never have a desire to sin, whether it is  excessive drinking, cursing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, or constantly bad mouthing someone, or putting them down.  Sin is Sin!  As we get older and more mature, we should find ourselves striving to do better, or not having the desire to continue in sin. When I was about 27, and realized I was pregnant; I no longer had a desire to party.  It instantly left me.  So there were no more clubs for me, nor drinking, or sexual misconduct.

I begin to focus more on God and the life that was growing inside of me.  I can truly say that I was so over joyed to be a new mother.  The responsibility to care for some one who solely depended on me.  Better greater than that, the ability to do a much better job than my mom did with her children.  The generational curse would be broken at that point, because the horrible things that happened to me, I had my it my business to protect my child at all cost.  An ex pastor called me paranoid, well I guess I was paranoid.  I meant business!

In all that I do, it is my hearts desire to do the will of God.  It held true 25 years ago, as well as today.  My soul purpose today is to help encourage all that I come in contact with.  No matter how small or big, white or black, young or old.  Just maybe one person can be helped, then my work is not in vain.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: There is a talk show host who always says at the end of her show, “be kind to one another”



  1. I love your desire to always do the will of the Father and to leave everyone better than you found them with encouragement and joy. You are making a difference in this world, no doubt!


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