When is enough, enough? I need someone to give me some advice, some insight, maybe a different perspective.  Sometimes you cannot see the forest, for the trees.  My mind is going bonkers.  Is it the devil, that make some one drive their car into a crowd of people? or a save up rifles and bullets to shoot up a bunch of people at a concert.  What about gun control? Why does any one person need an assault rifle?  Why are we allowing people to buy these guns?  What is wrong with us?  Do we not care anymore about humanity? It appears, we don’t even care about our children anymore.  We haven’t even added security the way we should to the necessary places, like our public schools.

When is enough, enough? It’s becoming the new norm, it seems. My cup is full. what about yours? Aren’t you tired of seeing our kids or loves ones shot down like wild animals?

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