My feet are blue, or maybe gray.

I’ve been waiting to see the pulmonary specialist, and waiting, and waiting.  It seems as if no one is as concerned about my condition as I am; you know what I mean.  Why does it take so long to get a doctor’s appointement?  Why does it take so long?

Well, I do have an appointement comíng soon.  In the mean time, I am totally freaking out.  I just got home after a super long day at work, and as I sit here at the dinner table.  It appears that my feet look a little blueish, no wait maybe they’re gray.  Hmm, this is really something.  I just had a sad moment on top of everything else,  my mom’s birthday is tomorrow,  if she were alive.  I miss you mommie!

Well I guess I need to pull it together, It wouldn’t benefit me to woddle in self pity.  It’s not good for my breathing, or my overall spirit.  So I will square my shoulders, set my face as flint while I continue to move forward.  It’s going to be a good evening!  Good night all.  Kate

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Turn to the ROCK of my salvation.

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