To be happy it will take doing of your own, no one can make you happy


(We do not own the rights to this music)

To be happy comes from within, and not others, many times we look to others to make us happy, You must first be content with yourself. Never look to others because they will fail you every time.

It doesn’t matter if they are family or not, happiness first starts within. It means knowing who you are, and knowing whose you are. Self searching is key to this process. Especially if you grew up being told you will never amount to anything or never shown love. Never having your self esteem lifted up, as I believe parents should do.

To be happy was a process even for myself. I was shown very little affection growing up, beaten, unloved, and apparently unliked. But when you begin to soul search, and strive to be a person with goals, ambition and integrity, it matters not what people think. You begin to love not just yourself, but others, and even more than that. You have a deeper concern for your fellow brothern.

Not everyone will like you,or want to hear what you have to say, but be true to thine own self. This is something I learned the hard way and as I got older, I begin to see things/life/people differently. You will never be able to please everybody so don’t even try.

People who are real, will accept you for who you are or they will depart from you. Remember some people look better going than coming. Love who you are, and by all means be happy! You don’t have to answer to anyone but your covenant partners and God.

Note that being a child of God or even an upright citizen means walking with integrity even when no one is looking. Embrace who you are,accept others for who they are, if they are only to be in your life for a season, recognize that fact. If are not for you, rid them from your life immediately but in a mature manner. If you want to be happy, make it happen.

Encourage yourself: Read, love, and encourage yourself as often as you can. Life is too short for foolishness. We love you with the love of Christ Jesus! Anita & Courtney

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