Oklahoma Police Department / A beautiful love!

I have seen love, I have even felt love. But never seen or felt this type of love.  The brotherhood and sisterhood from Oklahoma’s finest; The Oklahoma City Police Department.  They have shown me a different side of the men in blue, and have giving me a renewed hope in humanity as well as police officers .

The Oklahoma Police Department showed our family an incredible, indescribable, amount of love, love I have never seen before.  My heart is overwhelmed, with tears in my eyes, I  cry with a joy filled heart.  All of the incredible acts of kindness they showed my family. From bringing food to giving hugs, the ladies in the fellowship hall who served the family dinner and to top it all off; PRAYER. Much needed prayer!

At the funeral the Police department showed up in great numbers; as they are known to do, the magnitude in which they spoke of our fallen loved one, the order they displayed while posted over the body, escorting the body out to the car, and the sea of flashing red and blue lights during the funeral procession to the cemetery, that appeared to be over a mile long, as I looked back through the car window.

When I  was informed to look back and see the lights. My heart dropped. For I, was in Awe!  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

May God keep you in perfect peace, and surround you with His loving arms. May He go before each and every one of you daily. May you continue to acknowledge God and allow Him to order your steps in His word. To the only wise God our Savior. Honor and grace, both dominion and power; In His matchless, perfect and loving Name!

Thank you to the Oklahoma Police Department,  thank you again! I love you with the love of Christ Jesus!

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