Encourage yourself through God's word and love

Encourage yourself

To encourage yourself is a necessity to endure throughout your day, through the rough struggles of life.

When the day breaks, it is always a joy to be able to see the bright morning, the beginning of a new set of hopes, the dawning of things to come. However, there are other red days when things do not unfold as they should, when you are settled in yourself and there is thousand and one more reason to cry or break down. It happens to everyone so you have to carry yourself and encourage your spirit. This article will help you through how you can motivate yourself and be stronger emotionally.

Love yourself: One thing that self destruct people is the fact that they barely even love themselves. Loving yourself is the platform on which other factors should fall upon. For example, there is an increasing rate of depressed fat people who feel that compulsory fasting is their way out. First accept that you are beautiful the way you are and other growths can come in from there.

Self love brings self growth. When you fall in love with yourself, the aura grows into every sphere of your life and from there, you find a way to move on in any situations you find yourself.

Believe in yourself: Do you believe that no other person can make it work the way you can? Braise up and grab the situation by the hand. The rule of achieving is trying. No one wins a battle if they didn’t go to war. You are fundamentally the most important person in your world and in that world of yours, rule. Self belief is very important as it helps you take yourself and your dreams seriously. There are days that all will be gloomy and what will be left is the believe that it will work if you persist.

Rest: Don’t be a pressure cooker and cook yourself to a break point. Don’t push yourself so hard until your strength fails you. Rest is essentially important in self management; it is like putting your PC on hibernation mode. You are probably overheating in the head or not thinking well because you have not had enough rest. After this article, take that rest because you need it.

Be Positive. Yes! Be positive. There are some people who are just morbid; they are neither positively inclined nor hopeful that the sun is going to shine. Stop thinking in terms of Fear.

Fear is harmful for two reasons:
a. It keeps you unmotivated
b. It is draining and exhausting

Define your goals and achieve it: Make a list of the things you feel are not achievable and break your own record. Get yourself a reward for breaking a new milestone. You are so blessed with all the strength and power you need.

Maintain your growth: Don’t make mountains out of molehills. Surround yourself with positive people and like minds to keep your pace. Put your progress in the eyes of the public. Chart your progress. Be yourself and don’t love yourself less. You are rare and nothing should make you fade into the dark.

Encourage yourself: Encourage yourself in the Lord God with His word, that holds true even after 2000 years. Read and study His word, hide the word in your heart that you might not sin against Him.

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