Let your light shine, that men might see God’s deeds.

I was loading up the car, we were at a family members house in Oklahoma City. My cousin was trying to call another cousin, when she accidentally dialed the wrong number.  There wasn’t an answer so she hung the phone up.  Moments later the phone rang, and she answered it.  She put this person on speaker phone, so I could hear the entire conversation; as I worked.

Karen said hello, as did the caller. He proceeded to ask her many questions. Like who are you? what’s your name? and why don’t you come over, because they were having a party. The young man started to get just a little wild in his conversation with Karen. When she decided to tell him, “ahh man, why you have to talk like that? I dialed the wrong number, I said I was sorry! I’m just here to bury my nephew. “Why you have to talk like that, I’m not cursing or talking crazy.

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At that point the young man asked “Who is your nephew? Karen told him who it was. When the young man said, he had heard about Shon. His voice began to change, he went as far as to say he would pray for the family. He apologized for his tone, and they ended the conversation.  A couple of hours later, Karen received a text message with a prayer, from the young man. ” Let her know God was able, that he would comfort us, and mend our broken heart.” How wonderful is the God of our Salvation, to filter the words that were flowing from this young mans mouth, after softening his heart.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: How incredible that she met this young man over the phone, and what started out a little rocky at first, ended up with the two of them talking nicely, and prayer being offered at the end.  We must allow our light to shine, if we are confessing Jesus Christ as our personal Savior!  God’s love will tame the beast inside of our adversary.


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