Kicked Out Of Church, after being falsely accused

The day I was kicked out of church. Many years ago I was in search for a church. I was just at a lost, because you want to be somewhere you can get spiritually fed. Man was I in for a rude awakening.

I found a church, and I guess I should have prayed prior to joining. Because once I joined, my nightmare started. After the right hand of fellowship, and being baptized. I was told to find myself a prayer partner. Needless to say, I found one. It was a female evangelist. I guess this is another area where I should have prayed. Scriptures says ” In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.”

I had just been at the church a few weeks. I sold my car and was in the market for a new one. But hadn’t acted it on it just yet. Living just a few blocks from the church, I chose to walk to church. It was perfect, I could go worship and get some exercise at the same time. One weekday evening I missed bible study. It was around 9pm when there was a knock at the door. I had no idea who it could be. Well it was the evangelist.

I allowed her to enter my home, when she decided she needed to pray. Well when I look back at it now. She was just trying to see my home. I was so naïve, I was a fairly new saint and thought everybody in church were saved. I now know that, that isn’t the case. Everybody that says  “Lord, Lord will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  She began displaying great concern, so it seemed. Because I had missed bible study.  I assured her that everything was okay. She began to wrap up our conversation, but stop to invite me to go shopping the following Saturday; to which I said yes.

Saturday came, we hung out. But from there we begin to hang out with each other more frequently than we should have. She would come for lunch throughout the week days. I would go over to her house with my daughter. My daughter would hang out with her daughter, even though her child was much older than mine. This occurred for a couple of months. Meanwhile the evangelist and I would spend lots of time in her bedroom, that’s where she liked being mostly; lying in the bed and watching television.

As time went on, it appear to me that she was doing little things to me, such as giving me a hug, with a little kiss, but the kiss would be on my neck. I was surprised by this action, so I would run and tell my friend Terri about it. Terri would says “Anita you know she is coming on to you” she wants you to respond. I would never respond. I would tell myself that she would have to run me over with a Mack truck, in order for me to get the message. I would never make a move like that. So this behavior went on for some time.

The pastor could see some things that didn’t set well with her, so she set up a meeting with me on two separate occasions to question me. Both times her question was,  “Are you two being sexual? I would tell her the truth, because there wasn’t any sexual acts occurring. The pastor informed me that we needed to stay away from each other. I complied, but this evangelist didn’t. Well I guess I didn’t, because I opened the door. She would come to my place during her lunch break several times a week. But one day she saw the pastor on her way to my house. Which prompted her to have me feel the pastor out, just to see if she was going to say something about the fact that they saw each other. Of course I did what she said.

The pastor chose to give me a letter asking me to leave her church and not to return. She stated she had to protect her ministry and her ministers. So I left, what could I do? I was booted out of the church because the pastor thought it was best for me to leave. Rather than deal with the demon she allowed to sit in her pulpit. I did some things I am not proud of, about a week after getting the boot.  So bad, it seem to make the 10:00 news.

I want to share that the pastor of that church lost her church, and the word on the street was they were having church in the Boys & Girls Club for a while. I am not doing a little happy dance because of it, but God has a way of getting your attention. So the last I heard the church had moved across the street from the Boys & Girls Club, in a little church, that used to be a house, on the south side of Tucson. Far different from what she had before.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: After that incident, it was years later. One of the deacons saw me and apologized, I accepted, we hugged and went about our way. The entire situation put me in a dark place, next to being molested. It had to be one of the worst incidents in my life. But God pulled me through, I can hold my head up high now. My life is far better now than it has ever been. For that I am grateful!


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