Inner healing from Yoga or a Spiritual standpoint


When tensions, worries, and stress add up, it leads to a dangerous health status which may manifest as an illness to the physical body. These factors put together, play a negative role on people by draining their energetic structures. Such people are prone to unfortunate situations such as depression, panic attacks, pain, etc. and it may continue for a while without knowing it. A good sign is that – we just feel tired (energetically and/or emotionally drained) when we ought not to be.
If our daily activities and relationships begin to overwhelm us, the most likely result is that we would start withdrawing from certain activities and people – which are in most cases, the wrong decisions to take. Our behaviors may become impolite as we get into unhealthy interactions and toxic routines. An effective and efficient way of avoiding or getting out of such unfortunate situation is to seek inner healing through yoga.
Yoga is a Hindu discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility that is achieved through the three paths of actions, knowledge, and devotion. It is achieved through a system of practiced exercise with the aim to discipline, promote, and gain control of the body and mind.
Apparently, those who go for yoga do that because their lives aren’t working. It may be related to a physical issue (annamayakosha and pranamayakosha) or vijnanamayakosha and anandamayakosha which are emotional or spiritual issues. The healing process often starts with the body since this is the point where the disconnection is first felt. Symptoms such as pain, stiffness, fatigue, dissatisfaction, etc. (especially without a real cause) are clear signs that require a correction course. A person who seeks inner healing through yoga would begin to feel better when they start with the postures. It’s a process of deep relaxation or personal introspection.
It relieves stiff joints and muscles as well as reducing the feeling of stress. Those who seek a spiritual connection are likely going to feel some benefits almost immediately. A consistent practice will also help you learn more about yourself. In doing this, it becomes easier to learn more values that will be useful to you as a person. For instance, you may learn to be courageous and discover more potentials in yourself.
Yoga therapy is majorly taught as a preliminary step which precedes the spiritual journey which is later introduced. The essence is that every step towards the inner healing is to help you reflect, express, and awakening an enlightened nature in you. It is like hitting the reset button on your life. The transformation begins with the exact attitude infused when you strike a posture. If you introduce elegance, harmony, and refinement it becomes the qualities that will be generated in your life. The yogic effect gives you the leverage to calm your mind, relax your body, examine your life, reorganize it by taking constructive steps, and increase your happiness in life.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Learn to be courageous and discover more potentials in yourself.

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