Motivation For Personal Growth

Averagely, growing up as kids wasn’t too much of a stress. We must have gone through exciting activities, made friends, and enjoyed the easy side of life without a major sense of responsibility. There was simply no need to pay bills or provide for anyone… we just felt lucky to have been born. But one thing had remained constant – we have consistently developed from one stage to the other, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. We just didn’t stop growing. This makes it clear that growth is a fundamental part of our being.
However, the tide changes for some and they become stagnant after getting a job. They step on the breaks and the advancements that had been consistent from childhood ceases just because they are now busy with work, family, bills, chores, etc. The cravings for growth just dies a natural death for some as the necessities of life takes over, killing the drive and motivation to dare… then stagnancy sets in but definitely, that’s not acceptable.
The world never stops as every aspect of it keeps evolving. Everything is changing rapidly at an increased pace year in, year out. It means staying the same way without any achievements leaves you behind. In order to meet up with the advancements, you must motivate yourself, take up the baton again and start running again. Being competitive rekindles the fire in you, gives you the opportunity to live again and achieve your dreams.
Here are some tips to motivate your growth and achievements
Set goals for each year
Take a time to sit down in a quiet space and analyse your achievement in the past year, what you had been able to achieve may be surprising to you. Now look into the next 5 years and think of something you’d like to achieve. Break it down into 5 and ensure to achieve it in bits year after year till you accomplish your set goal.
Learn Something New
Learning never stops even at old age, there’s always something new. Set a goal to read a number of books per year. Attend seminars, learn a new skill in or outside you career, etc. Learning is beneficial in diverse ways, and as they say; no knowledge is a waste.
Try something new
Life is fun but you must have the desire to explore. Make arrangements to experience a new scene, it has a way of sparking up something in your being. You could visit a certain town, play a new game, or sport.

Exercise More
You don’t have to look like a body builder or try to contend with bolt, all you need is a consistent work out that will help improve your physical and mental health which is necessary for your growth and achievements. Exercising is good, rejuvenates the body and mind.
Motivating yourself for growth isn’t beneficial to you alone, you will be surprised at the number of people who find you inspirational and dared to face life just because you engaged in motivational growth.

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