How to Increase your personal growth

Most times, different excuses are given as reasons for underachievements. The blame always goes to the family, government, the society, or some other target. But looking at the success achieved by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Harland Sanders of KFC, Harrison Ford, etc. (the list is endless) it shows that anyone can actually make headway in life by improving on themselves regardless of their situations. It establishes the fact that personal growth is a self-responsibility and that anything is achievable if we don’t give up on our dreams.
It is a personal responsibility to ensure that you continue to advance in your career, conduct, and character. Some useful tips to aid your personal growth are:
Developing a passion
It starts with a deep desire to achieve a particular thing. Every outstanding success we can talk about today thrives on the passion of the achiever. Developing the passion for what you do or aspire to do is a vital ingredient. Being passionate about what you do drives you towards excellence.
Find yourself
Self-awareness helps you discover your strong points as well as your weaknesses. knowing this gives you the leverage to know what to avoid or develop in order to achieve your goals. It also requires a sincere assessment of your weaknesses. You should treat criticisms as feedbacks and build on them rather than seeing every critic as a hater.
Set your priorities
The more organized you are, the higher your chances of achieving quality success. Those who have a good sense of direction and purpose achieve this because they have the ability to organize and set goals, achieving them one at a time.
Take calculated risks
Personal growth requires that you make some uncomfortable but necessary changes. If your new goals demand a change of career, location, or something else you have a strong attachment to, you have to weigh the options and take necessary steps regardless of your present comfort.

Choose your company
Your circle of influence (your major associates) remains a vital determinant of your personal growth. A person’s values and worth isn’t far from the quality of his friends. If you surround yourself with people who are highly productive, it wouldn’t take too long before the benefits rub on you.
Get a mentor
Whether you choose to hire or you are lucky to have someone you admire who’s willing to take you by the hand, a mentor is a catalyst to personal growth and you should consider having one or more. The good thing is that they have threaded on most of the paths that seem new to you thereby making your journey smooth.
Get into action
Having the best plans, skills, or resources is baseless without putting them to use. Making things happen requires conscious efforts. Doing the sweet talks without corresponding actions is synonymous with a fast car that is on neutral shift – definitely, it is going nowhere.
In summary, personal growth demands energy and commitment on your path. You must understand that it is your responsibility to take these steps and ensure you stop at nothing to achieve your desires.

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