How to surrender all to God, our Savior

What does the word surrender mean?

Cease resistance, while to yielding to authority. God desires our undivided attention as often as we can give it to him. We should make it a practice to acknowledge God upon waking up. Throughout the course of the day. Blessing meals, and remembering to acknowledge Him again just before we lie down for the night. God loves when we show him that He is number one in our lives.

When we surrender our all to God. We have acknowledged him in all our ways. We have exercise integrity, decency,  as well as displaying good moral compass. We are more prone to showing compassion to our fellow brothers and sisters. We allow God to direct our path. We study to show ourselves approved which allows us to grow in his grace and knowledge. Periodically we make time to fast and pray, which brings about dunamas power, a power He said we would endow. We forget not to assemble ourselves with those who are like minded.

After giving our all to God, and relinquishing our will, for his will. Then have we surrendered; which allows God to have his way in our heart. God embraces us as his own, as He sits on his throne. Enjoying the true worship that flows from our mouths.

Surrendering might be complicated for some, but it truly takes a determined person to give his will to that of the Father. It has been said, that the desire to please God will take rulership concerning your will. God will not force himself unto you.

After yielding your stubborn, non-compliant will over to God, recognizing that He will have no other God’s before Him, then will true worship comes into play. There is nothing more beautiful than to be in the presence of the true living God.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Embrace true worship, for it is the intimate relationship between you and the only wise God; Our Savior.

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