Peer Pressure And How It Relates To Our Christian Youth

Peer Pressure and the Christian Youth
To state the obvious, the Christian youth is not having fun right now. Constantly forced to choose between right and wrong in this generation could mean misery. We could boldly declare that this is the generation that hates God the most since God made heaven and earth and the Christian youth finds himself right in the middle of it.
From pornography to gay rights to issues of abortion to masturbation and premarital sex, the Christian youth has to make tough choices all the days of his youth and even to the day of death; it could be really tough.
The most difficult part is not the decisions you have to make as a Christian youth, it is the fact that those decisions are not common; you will have to make them alone and face the consequences of your “holy choices” alone. You will find yourself constantly being ridiculed and laughed at for your “old-fashioned” ideas of life and it could be painful.
If you are a Christian youth, I am sure you are not new to being called names and even being avoided because you are regarded as a kill joy that is no fun to be with. Such are the afflictions of the Christian youth at a time like this.
You will lose friends because you do not share so much in common with most youths of your age; you will be considered a fool for not wanting to “enjoy” life; and you will be jeered at and mocked for shunning evil and you may even get harassed for not conforming. Remember, you are not alone. Young people who have chosen this path have had to pass through and are still passing through the same form of treatment. Stay strong!
Here are a few tips to staying strong in the face of peer pressure:
1. You are called to be the light: It could be frustrating I know but when at the end of the day, you will be light to all other youths around you if you stay strong. The reason they always seem to want you to change is that your way of life condemn theirs. Keep shinning, you are showing that there is still a God in this generation.
2. You are called to be salt: Trust me, your presence in your environment; your workplace, your school, the cafeteria and the pitch arrests the progression of evil. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right and for others who are being put down. Trust me, everyone knows the truth; the law of God is written on our consciences. Let your voice be heard.
3. You are called to stand out: Your calling is one that separates you from the crowd; your destiny is to be different and you need to embrace that fact. You are called to be the solutions and you can never be the solution to a problem that you are part of. So keep standing out!
4. You are not alone: I know how it feels when you are not accepted and when you don’t fit in. It sucks! However, you need to be sure that you are not alone. Talk to a trusted adult about what you are going through; share your experience with another Christian youth and join a bible believing youth fellowship. Also remember that you have the Holy Spirit and he is always right there with you in your afflictions and pressure. Be bold!
God is counting on you to lift high his manner over this generation and to consider what you will pass through as your cross; carry it with pride wherever you go. God is always with you and you are his delight. You are God’s vindication that young people can be Godly, so don’t let him down.

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