How Optimistic Is Your Faith During These Times?

Your faith will be tested. Normally around the Holiday times is when stress levels increase among most people. We set up expectations that may create more stress than we truly need to carry. What we must focus on is creating a lower stress-zone. You would not be able to experience “ease” if it were not for stress. So first one must realize that Life will have these questioning times, from the beginning to the end.

These moments can strengthen our faith if we approach them correctly. You want to automatically begin understanding that your faith is exercised during these times, and if you have a belief in God or a higher power, then your best interest will be taken care of.
Most keep the stress by not allowing these feelings of faith in that power to take over and guide their following moments. The light brightens in the dark situations when you focus on your faith. It is the only way to make it through these times. To have faith, you must trust. Sometimes having bad experiences with friends, family, or random strangers can challenge your willingness to trust. To fix any issues with trust, you must understand that trusting in God or a higher power will always work out for you. This is considered a belief, and through the acts of optimistic gratitude it will be strengthen. To be grateful, means you are acknowledging the successful completion of something needed. You have to develop your positive outlook to increase your trust in God.
Creating comfort with the truth will help you build mental faith muscles. And when you’re mental faith is stronger, you won’t need to hide any doubt, negativity or pain with unrealistic affirmations or exaggerated platitudes. Your prayers won’t sound outrageous if you improve your gratitude first.

For instance, instead of thinking, “I’m going to get an A+ on this test,” a mentally strong person feels, “I’m going to do my best on this test.” You will experience a mental calm when you realize that you will be OK regardless the outcome.

So in summary, Life only pushes you closer to God. The sooner you realize that you only have to enjoy the “burn” of working out your “faith muscles,” the sooner you will feel charged and ready to optimistically achieve anything.

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