Nobody greater than you. I earned like over, I couldn't find nobody greater than you, God you are great and above all men

Nobody Greater

There is nobody greater than the Lord, after searching high and low you will never find anybody that exceeds the greatness of God. Our thanks to God for being omnipresent. Wherever I am, there you are also. You allow me to see that you are present and there for each and every need I have. Here in this song you will see the depths to which one searches for our heavenly father.

In my search for you, in my search for something greater than myself, greater than mere man, you are there. In times of trouble and life has me down, I can turn to you.

Nobody can begin to compare to you and all that you are. You are greater than any trial or tribulation, any situation I endure on a daily basis. In this song it speaks about searching all over, near and far, high and low, but still couldn’t find nobody greater than you.

Often times we are in need of something greater than ourselves, but cannot find fulfillment to satisfy that deep longing within. A longing that only God himself can fill. We fail to realize that Jesus is the only one that can love us, or fill the void, or even soothe the soul. We continue to search endlessly until we come to the realization that there is nobody greater than God.

Vashaun Mitchell sings this wonderfully written song expressing our need for God, acknowledging that there isn’t one single entity that is greater than the Lord. The melodies of this song captures the attention of one’s heart expressing how God is desired more than anything in this world.

Encourage yourself: When I seek God and all His greatness, I now know that God is an ever present help in the time of trouble.

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