A God Of New Beginnings

How many times have you given someone a second chance and they let you down? Did you give them another chance or did you write them off as hopeless? Most people when they get a second chance and blow it they feel embarrassed and shame. They want to run and hide. How many chances has God given you? You sin. You confess your sin; God forgives and wipes the slate clean. You sin again. You confess. God forgives, and the slate is clean. How many chances do you want God to give you?

Throughout the entire Bible, we see God giving second chances. Why does He do this? God does it because as believers, we are His children and He loves us. Just as your parents forgave you, God forgives you.

Have you ever felt ashamed because of a sin that you committed and didn’t confess? You bury it deep inside your heart and it only brings more condemnation, shame, and sorrow. Imagine the thoughts that went through Peter’s mind after he denied Jesus three times. Yet Jesus forgave him.

In John 21:1-11, Peter and a handful of disciples fished all night and caught nothing. Jesus stands on the bank and tells them to cast the net on the other side of the boat. They do and their net overflows with fish. John recognizes Jesus. Peter is preoccupied with the task of fishing he doesn’t recognize who instructed them. Are you so busy at times, you don’t recognize God’s presence? When Peter realizes it is Jesus, he jumps into the water and swims to shore. Again, Peter is the only one to leave the safety of a boat and leap into the water to reach Jesus.

Reaching the shore, Peter stands toe to toe with the man he loves but betrayed. Standing by the fire may have brought back memories of the last time Peter stood by a fire. Jesus knew what was in Peter’s heart that night. He knew Peter was scared standing around the fire. What kind of fear motivates you to compromise your convictions?

Jesus waits for Peter. Peter may have had much to say to Jesus. But, for one of the few times in his life, Peter is silent. What does Jesus do? He offers Peter, the very man who betrayed Him, breakfast. Once again, Peter finds grace. Jesus waits for you just as he waited for Peter. You stand in front of Jesus. It is just the two of you and you both know your sin. Jesus wants you to confess your sins. You are scared and ashamed. He is the God of second chances and often a thousand chances. His desire is to shower you with His forgiving love after you have blown it again.

You confess your sins and God forgives and forgets your sin. David writes in Psalm 103:12 “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us”. He separates sin from us and doesn’t even remember it. Your slate is clean.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Jesus cleanses you and lifts you up. He invites you to try again. This time don’t try it alone. He gives you a second chance to try it with Him.

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