Perhaps Diversity Is Merely an Opportunity for Faith – Story of a Woman Healed of an Issue of Blood

There is a well-known story in the Bible, John 5: 24-34. It is about a woman who had an illness for twelve years, an issue of blood. There is no name given to the woman or her ailment except to say she had gone to every doctor around and spent all of her money trying to be healed of a condition that labeled her unclean. In Jewish law anyone with a bleeding issue was considered unclean and anyone they touched would be made unclean. It was thought that this would follow the person into death so it was unlawful for this woman to be in public and certainly not in a crowd.

Jesus and his disciples were summoned to a ruler’s house to heal his daughter who had just passed away. Word was made known of his journey and a crowd followed him pushing from all sides trying to touch him. The woman had suffered for so many years and desperately wanted to be healed of her affliction. She had heard the good news about Jesus and those he had healed. She got it into her mind that if she could just ‘touch’ his garment she would be healed of her affliction.

Most likely her family and friends tried to reason with her saying she could not be healed just by touching the edge of his clothing and she would get in a lot of trouble by being in the crowd. She could not be swayed, her mind was set and she was already celebrating the fact she would be healed as soon as she touched the hem of his garment. Her mind was made up and her brain was already receiving a directive (much like computer program parameters) that once the garment was touched the body must follow a direct order to stop the bleeding. There was not a doubt in her mind that all she had to do to be healed was to put action to her faith.

Somehow this woman managed to make her way through the crowd and when she did but touch the hem of Jesus garment, she received her healing and the bleeding stopped. When this happened Jesus perceived what had happened and stopped. He asked, “Who touched me?” His disciples had no clue how to answer him as there were hoards of people grabbing at him. But Jesus persisted and the woman knew what had been done. She was frightened because she knew she would be in trouble by being in a place she was not allowed. She knelt before Jesus and confessed the whole story. Now that she had set her mind she would be healed and had received that healing it was important for her to acknowledge that she was made clean again.

Jesus made it clear to everyone who heard of this incident that by touching him the woman had not made him unclean but had received a permanent healing. Jesus announced to everyone that it was her faith that had healed her and that faith would continue to keep her healed.

It is important to note that Jesus had not stopped and prayed over this woman, he had not administered medicine or done surgery or cast a spell or given her any kind of treatment. The woman’s faith in righteousness, right thinking, in the truth of her being had made her receptive to a change in her physical body.

Jesus was the embodiment of righteousness and unconditional love. His healing power was the result of his pure heart and steadfast belief and faith in the creator of all things. When the woman touched his garment she first had to reach out and then her faith, or belief in the healing presence Jesus emanated from his inner being made a permanent connection and became part of her life experience. This is what faith can do for you in your life experience.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: You too, can touch the hem of his garment.

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