What Will Happen When Jesus Returns

The Bibles say that Jesus will definitely return to earth to fulfill his promise of the second coming. It is probably the greatest thing that will happen in the near future. The stability of the world is disappearing rapidly and it has become a self-destructing element over the years. No one knows the exact solution for the problems that we are facing for world’s peace day by day.

All these destructive forces are indicators that the time has come when we will see Jesus returning back to earth. The scripture’s says that Jesus will come back to reward his people but at the same time, he will destroy all those who are contributing to the destruction, sin and willfully sinning against God. Note that no one knows the day or time of Jesus’ return.

The second coming of Jesus!

The Bible states that there is going to be a second coming of Jesus, with Fire. As the destructive behavior of human beings is increasing day by day on earth, it is a direct indication towards the last sayings of Jesus before he left the earth. He said that when the nations are under the state of uncertainty, confusion, and bewilderment; all the powers of heaven will be shaken and the Son of Man will come out of clouds with his great glory and supreme powers. It will be a joyous moment for all those who have followed his sayings throughout their spiritual life, but the moment will lead to a deep sense of fear in all those who are lovers of sin.

About the second coming, Bible says that one day the Lord will come back on this earth and at that moment the Heavens will face the great noise. It is believed that all the elements will be automatically melted due to fervent heat. At that moment, earth and everything happening inside it, will burn instantly and everything will be dissolved in that supreme power. It will be the sign of a holy conduct of the godliness.

Those who are connected to the feeling of spirituality and following the scriptures of Jesus will be saved.  That is why the scriptures always suggest following good deeds in life. Everyone should make an effort to encourage holiness in the world so that when Jesus comes back, we will not try to hide with the shame of our wrong acts. On that Day of Judgment, everyone will be judged according to their deeds, good or bad.

If your actions are acceptable to the laws of God, then all your sins will be wiped away and God will consider you his own child.  The people who will be found opposing lessons of God in their life, they will have to pay for their sins. If you want to feel the joy of the second return of Jesus, it is good to stop doing all bad deeds right from this moment and follow the path as suggested by lessons of our Lord.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: We have to look forward to the Savior of our holy spirit and believe that he will come with lots of happiness instead of fear.

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