How to overcome the Goliath in your life?

David And Goliath In Our Lives Today

Some people view many of the records in the Bible as “children’s stories.” They see them as vivid tales easily communicated to youngsters. But do those accounts in Scripture also have great value for adults too?

The stories in the Bible are not just stories. They are not fairy tales or fables. They are in fact accurate descriptions of real events, and many times the details are simply mind-blowing.

The purpose of the stories we read in the Bible is not so we have something fun and entertaining to teach children. These accounts were not written for our entertainment. They were written for our learning.

One in particular that is perhaps familiar to almost everybody is the record of David and Goliath. And while most people see this as a nice story for children, there is no “children’s section” in the Bible. What God had written in the Scriptures is for all of God’s children, young and old!

Now of course, some people will argue that the Bible is an old book, and certainly not relevant in today’s modern world. I’ve heard that before; in fact there was a time when that’s exactly what I believed. But consider for a moment the story of David and Goliath and see if it is indeed relevant to your life today in the 21st century.

As a young boy, David built a confidence and a trust in God. He gave credit to God in helping him to protect the sheep from bears and lions. He had built trust and confidence in his God.

David didn’t go to the army camp intent on killing Goliath. Rather, he was bringing his brothers a care package from his dad, Jessi. It was when he arrived that he became of aware of the situation. He found the entire army of Israel afraid of this huge warrior named, Goliath.

The challenge from Goliath was that if any one man could defeat him, the battle would be over and the Philistines would surrender. But no one had any confidence and trust in God that this giant of a man could be defeated by one man. As a result, everyone was full of fear. They were all being controlled by and just reacting to the facts.

But the facts were the same for both Saul and the army of Israel as they were for David. The facts didn’t magically change when David came on the scene. He saw and heard the same things that they saw and heard.

In our lives too, the facts are the facts; they are what they are. It is not the facts that are stopping us; it is our reaction to the facts! How we choose to respond to the facts will determine our outcome.

When David arrived on the scene, the fear that everyone else had was a clear indication of a lack of confidence and trust in God. David was not some stupid little kid who just said impulsively, “I’ll go and fight Goliath!” And then, because of that, God just “had” to do something. That is not how it works.

But, David was the only one who chose to bring God into the equation. Because of his confidence and trust in God, he was convinced that his God was much bigger than any of the facts. David was confident that God was able and willing to provide a solution to what seemed impossible to everyone else.

Sometimes in life, you and I are faced with what may seem like insurmountable obstacles. And as serious as those obstacles may be, they are simply just the facts. But, fear can take the facts and then project the outcome.

Why do we want to project an outcome that hasn’t even happened yet? If someone loses their job, does that mean that they are going to lose their house? Is this very turbulent economy just too big for our God to bring us a personal solution? I say, “No!”

I love the fact that David took out Goliath with one stone. What a fantastic solution! Who would have ever considered that as a possibility? “Hey, I have an idea… let’s take him out by slinging a stone!”

God indeed provided a miraculous solution. But David, by his own free will, threw the stone. God didn’t throw it for him; that was David’s job.

So is this record relevant at all in our modern 21st century? Of course it is. We can decide to put off our fears, and replace them with confidence in our God. Then we can ask God for help and expect Him to direct our paths with a personal solution.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: We can indeed trust in our God, regardless of the facts, the odds, or even this economy! God is still in the business of providing help in the time of need.

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