Vengeance Is Mine Said The Lord

When God Intervenes, But Its Not How You Expect

Gods answers our prayers, but many times it is not how we expect Him to. His ways are not our ways. We need to learn how to sit back and watch or allow God to handle the situation. Remembering not to take matters into our own hands. In the word of God, He lets us know vengeance is his. He will repay.

My situation was this, my daughter had this boyfriend, who she also had a baby by. He always tried to be friend me, but I had a hard time with him. Because, I saw signs of abuse to my grandsons. Of course he denied it every chance he got. But when I heard the gut wrecking stories from my two little five year old twins, my blood seem to boil inside, as if that was possible. I felt helpless every time I would come to town, upon listening to all the graphic things they would share with me.

I would confront him, I would confront her. He would deny, she seem to defend. So I was in this battle by myself it appeared. I needed God more than ever.

One Sunday evening, all of a sudden I heard this loud screaming and crying coming from Mark, he tells me he was hit in the growing by this guy, my daughter just seem to love the ground he walked on. We begin to pass words. It carried over until the morning, when all of a sudden, he called me the “N”. I felt it necessary to get a restraining order to keep him away. All I could think is, Wow! This guy is living off my husband, staying in an apartment that my husband pays for, driving a car that my husband purchased for my daughter, eating food that he hasnt put onesingle dime towards. On top of it all, he calls meout of my name. I was in shock, “this trifling little ingrate”.

Off to Texas I went, returned for Christmas 2017, as I pulled upnto my daughters place, he approached me to say he was sorry for calling me names and being an idiot. Funny thing, I accepted his apology and even at the time of the incident, I didnt go back and forth with him. I allowed him to act a fool, which he did very well.

I testified in church about this situation, I cried and I prayed for God to intervene in this matter. My heart was heavy, It was beginning to be very difficult to travel, and stay gone as long as I chose. I felt compelled to be in Tucson as much as possible for the sake of the boys.

January 22, 2018 This young man went over to my daughter’s apartment that evening, washed a few dishes for her, because she was recovering from her SVT ABLATION. He then went to the grocery store for her, came back and she sent him home because he wricked of fumes from the exhaust that was coming from his car. She said it took him longer to get home than usual. Well it turns out that he made a stop to pick up some drugs. He arrived to his grandparents house, took a shower, and texted my daughter up until 9:30pm. He collapsed onto the bed, face down, knees on the floor.

January 23, 2018 At 6am grandma found him in that same position, she thought he was asleep, until she touched him. He died around 10pm the night before, shortly after texting my daughter. Who is now a emotional wreck. For this was a guy she loved, her baby’s father, the guy she said she was going to marry. He was sitting on the side of the bed when he fell over, on his face. Lying in a pool of his own bodily fluids, and whatever else goes along with doing drugs. With a needle lying open for all to see.

Waiting hours for the Coroners to arrive. Not being allowed to see his face as she thought she would, because the Coroners refused to let the family see him. It appeared that he was sitting on the side of the bed when he slumped over, legs still hanging off the side of the bed. Not a good position, as rigamortus had set in. While taking his body out on the gourney, the legs had set and the body could not properly be situated. Courtney stated how she had great concerns the body was going to fall off the gourney. Thank God that didn’t happen! But states the Coroners had to lift the gourney instead of rolling it.
What do you think? I really need your feedback; How am I supposed to feel? Grandma wants me to come out and visit, do I go? Im simply at a loss.
I will be honest, I am glad he cannot abuse my grandsons any further. I would not have wished him dead, but at one point I was getting pretty close.
At that point I had to pray more, because God is the only one who can fix this situation, or fix my heart toward this young man. I knew God had taken my heart strings and maneuver them in such a way, that I didnt curse, I didn’t think about cursing, I didn’t raise my voice, I didnt wish any ill thoughts.

Like it or not, and whatever the reason, God removed the mountain that stood in front of me and my grandsons. I hate that my daughter is experiencing such a great loss. We all want what is best for our children and grandchildren.

Please pray for my daughter, for baby Chase who will never know his father, and this young man’s family. Grandma’s heart is just torn right now.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.(Philippians 4:6)

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