Overcoming Sin

Overcoming The Sin That So Easily Be-sets Us

Overcoming Sin

What on earth is going on? What are you talking about? Can I be changed? I am so full of sins. I smoke weed, abuse alcohol and do all the different evil stuff. These were the words and thoughts that I had for many years. I knew I was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. I often came to the conclusion that this lifestyle has been specifically created and granted for me. People have at many times told me that I was a failure which I started to believe. Everything I did resulted in failures which I even blamed my mom for.

My mom was a single mother who struggled to raise me. I could not understand why my dad was absent. Little did I know that there were demonic forces behind all this. I did not at that time possess the spirit of discernment.

I directed my thoughts towards committing suicide. Every time I wanted to do it, I heard a voice telling me not to. Therefore, I asked these many questions. I was not aware of this great path of righteousness. My life even went in the direction of drugs, mentioned earlier, and other worldly elements. I was not involved in any acts of gangsterism but still lived a sinful life.

But everything changed on 2 February 2001. We, my wife and I, accepted Christ as our personal Saviour on that beautiful day. At that time, we, my wife and me, were unemployed and in desperate need of financial assistance. I was still an active member of Mamre Rugby Club and involved in other activities. Our financial problems were soon sorted out as my wife received a cheque from her Provident Fund. We could buy food and other necessities. God really came through for us. We also found jobs, and I left the sport as the Lord instructed me to do so. He wanted me in ministry.

She is currently following her lifelong dream as a nurse at an old age home and developing her nursing career, while I am completing my degree studies in Christian Education at a well-known United Kingdom university. The Lord has changed our failures into success. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23v1.

Although both of us grew up in Christian homes, we did not really know the path of the Lord. This means that we were carrying on according to traditional beliefs.
The decision to accept Christ did not come very lightly for both of us. We were (so we thought) still young at heart and not ready for such drastic steps. I turned 30 that year. We were still looking more excitement and pleasure. Little did we know that the Lord had greater things in store for our future.

That incident really changed us, especially me. For the first time, I started to feel fatherly love and acceptance as a human being worth living. As I am a person that loves interacting with other people, I thought that being a born again Christian; I would not be allowed to participate in any social activity. How wrong was I to be?

However, I quickly realized that being a Christian requires commitment towards the cause. Luckily, despite difficulties during the last few years, I remained dedicated because of His love for me.

Yes, I was once a sinner, but am now cleansed by His blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary. I thus feel compelled to share God`s greatness in writing with you. We were baptized on 9 July 2003. It was a very cold day, but we never felt cold as the presence of the Holy Spirit was overwhelming.

The following day the Lord called me into the apostolic ministry. I will never forget the meeting I had with Him. It was quite an unforgettable incident, I never knew that His Spirit and anointing was so powerful.
Looking back, years later, we can announce that it was all worthwhile in accepting Christ into our lives. The song declares: “It wasn`t easy, but it was worth it.”

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: My negativity changed into something very, very positive. I found that I was indeed worth something to somebody and a place in life. God created me as an image of him. To him I was special.

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