What Is Success? How To Achieve Success

Achieving Success

To have ultimate success in life is the most coveted goal of many. Nevertheless, before one can relish in the beauty of the achievement, they must first find the beauty within the struggle to get to the finish line. One must understand anything worth having is worth praying, worth fighting, worth sacrificing, and worth tweaking for. If reaching greatness was simply given to you would you appreciate it as much as you would appreciate something you worked hard to gain?

Unfortunately, due to the lack of understanding of the process of obtaining success there are some who give up on their dreams during their struggle with attempting to reach their goal. When you look up some of the synonyms equated with success you will most likely find words such as victory, triumph, achievement, and realization. Each of these words has something in common. These words urge one to open their eyes to see the lights in the tunnel that are there to guide you through each challenge. To assist you with your journey towards success, I gift you with five lights to encourage and allow you to see the beginning of your diamond journey, the five “w’s” and one “h” of success. What? Who? Why? When? Where? and How?

What is success? Success is whether you feel as though you have accomplished a goal that you have set for yourself. Some may look at materialistic gain as reaching ultimate success in life. Having big houses, fancy cars, money, and being able to spend freely. While on the other hand, to others, success might be spiritual gain. Just being able to become one with the creator, having a spiritual relationship with the creator, or being able to help others is enough for them. To sum it up, success is in the eyes of the successor.

Who should define success? It does not make sense to sit and wait for others to evaluate and validate whether we successfully accomplish our goals in life or not. How foolish is it to become uneasy and tense if we receive negative feedback and let the thoughts and words of others consume us? Our drive should not rest solely on the compliments and “pats” on the back of others. Relying on the praise of others will only cause our tank of motivation to drain until it is empty and not another drop of will is left in us. True success does not depend on the opinions or feelings of others unless you decide it will be. Although, it can be comforting to be praised and encouraged by others, it is euphoric to be comforted and encouraged by oneself. The successor defines own success.

How do you measure your own success? Ultimate goals may be broken down into milestones or divided into short-term goals. Ultimate goals might also be seen as complete once one reaches monetary gain, climb the corporate ladder, or saves a community. Whether it is decided that goals are to be broken down into segments or which reward is received once one reaches their goal, it all depends on you. The successor is in charge of measuring own success.

Why are we so afraid to step out on faith? The truth of the matter is that many people are afraid to put faith into their big dream simply because it has become a learned culture that our capabilities are limited. Once that type of mindset is embedded into the psyche, it will take a change of mindset in order to unlearn what has been embedded. We need to believe that there is nothing in life that is impossible if we have faith and willing to work for what we desire.

When no one believes in you, what should you do? Simply believe in yourself, and encourage yourself. There is no need of assurance from others. Unfortunately, we tend to try so hard to push our dreams on others and have them buy into our wonderful ideas. Somehow we allow our dreams to become a sales pitch. Our dreams become the equivalent of one soliciting a product door to door. Hoping for one door to open and buy our product. Is what you dreamt of so cheap? Instead of selling your dreams, treasure it. Keep it close to you like a prized possession. It is for you to attain, not to make a profit of the opinions of others.

Where do you turn when you are overwhelmed? There are simply four things you need to do when you feel as though you do not have anything left in you to continue to press forward. One, fall on your knees and pray. Two, ask the Lord for strength to keep pressing forward. Third, get up and immediately get to work by putting your prayer into action. Then finally, learn to understand and appreciate the process. The journey of success is a four-step process itself. The process begins with setting a goal, working diligently towards achieving the goal, obtaining the goal, and somewhere in between, finding one’s self-fulfilling prophecy.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: It does take a lot out of you to reach your goal in life. However, as mentioned before, anything worth having is worth praying, worth fighting, worth sacrificing, and worth changing for.

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