Prayers are the thing we want to know that God is answering, in the midst of our troubles. Knowledge on how to pray to God.

The Ups and Downs of Christianity

Experience transforms belief into faith.

There is a difference between believing that something is true and knowing that it is true. You can believe in the Bible because it is the word of God. Some Christians would say the bible is true because the experiences of their lives gave them the opportunity to live them to the depths of their being. The story of our lives provides us with a solid experience in which we base our faith in God for the present and for the future. Listening to our lives is a key source of our spiritual growth as we continue to learn who is God is and who we have been made to become.

As Christians, we are not exempted from facing the ups and downs of life. These ups and downs aren’t meant to punish us for being Christians, or for believing in our Lord Jesus Christ, it is meant to test our faith; to know if we’d deny Christ, to know if these little challenges of life would wilt our believe in Christ.

Now you are about to read a very inspiring story of a man’s experience on how his belief in Christ stripped all the odds with his determination and willingness to be free out from exacerbation of anxiety. The entire idea revolves around a married graphic designer who once had suffered excessive panic encounters and had able to manage to overcome all the horrifying symptoms. Let us take down a tour on the ways on how he overcomes his panics without having to spend a lot of money.
A diagnosis of the big and clear PA does not necessarily mean you need to put your life or work on hold. Mc’s work-from-home arrangement started in June 2008, the month he began to feel the terrifying symptoms of panics.

Mc’s life had changed when he was diagnosed with anxiety attack in June of 2009. Because of successive nervousness, he decided to take a good rest from work, following his doctor’s advice of a two-week rest along with a medical prescription. When his sick leave was used up, he requested to telecommute, which his employer readily granted. The arrangements let him have his treatment, take him rest and still do his work from home. After another one-week rest, Mc will resume working in the office regularly. He was treated by the prescribed medication; the symptoms had stopped visiting him. But after several days of working back, exposing him to too much stress and pressure, Mc felt terribly horrified feeling the symptoms taking all over him again. What could have been the reason? His condition has bothered him a lot. He was experiencing countless sleepless nights; his mind starts to wonder of when and where will be the next attack. He felt helpless. His normal work and family time was totally affected, and his medication failed to respond to his needs. And he deeply knew since then that something in him was wrong again. “Oh, Jesus,” he said. “What have I done to deserve this?”

Mc was probably experiencing his downs as a Christian. It really never meant God had forgotten him. Well, this period of time was when Mc felt separated from God, from himself and from others. He got self-absorbed instead of God-absorbed. Adoration and reading of the Bible became a duty and a ritual instead of a practice full of expectations that the God of the universe wants to meet him. He went through days without experiencing “LIVING LIFE completely” that Jesus talks about. (John 10:10)

He again went to see his doctor. He asked for possible alternative treatments and the possible side effects that it may cause him, hoping this time, his expectation of finally getting cured will be realized.

Basically, Mc’s situation on the effectiveness of medication is not new to all patients who had also share the same experience as he has. Medicines effective effects are temporary and are bound to last for several days only. It can give you the relief, but it will never guarantee a total treatment. Upon learning medications aren’t providing the necessary solutions to his problems, he turned to God, fasting and praying.

To cut it short, Mc has finally set himself free of panic after all his prayers, endeavors and hard work. It was just a matter of days for him to reach the total security and comfort just to get back to his normal self again. Indeed, it has been a tough road for him. His experience of how to overcome panic attacks has taught him to trust God, irrespective of the situation he finds himself in.

Every morning, God asks us the same question: “Will you trust me?” We should answer YES without hesitation when we remember his activities in our story, and that is just a small part of his great epoch recorded in the Scriptures, our stories and history. He keeps showing us how trustworthy he is.

Father God, please continue to cause my belief to be turned to faith as I experience the reality of your activity in my life. Give me the desire and ability to notice how actively you show that your word is true in the story of my life. Cultivate my faith and trust in you as my story develops. Let it be so.

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