Christianity from the Male perspective, Controlled urge.

Since the days of old, the temptation to sin has always existed. Long before the internet, but this age of constant accessibility and connectivity to information of all sorts makes sin – especially sexual sin – an ever present threat. With sexually explicit content almost everywhere, it is increasingly difficult for the Christian man. Controlling the urges in a time and society which unconsciously conditions a man to enjoy sinful habits and sees sex as just ‘casual’, like lust, pornography, masturbation, fornication, adultery, temptation to drink, temptation to indulge oneself in a bit of carnal pleasure. This struggle cannot be overstated. The Christian man is struggling with controlling the urge to sin, overcoming peer and society pressure and staying Christ-like. But the good news is, this is achievable. It can be done.

Acknowledge the problem

The first step is to identify the problem and acknowledge it is a problem. You can’t solve a problem if you never admit to yourself that it is indeed a problem. Humbly, and in all honesty, acknowledge your weakness and failures.

Avoid situations and environment that fuels the need to sin

A very important precaution to take in order to control and resist the temptation to sin is to consciously avoid situations, places, media (mainstream or social media) that arouse these desires. When we protect our space from what fuels our desire to sin, we begin to have more control over it. Occupy yourself with books, devotionals etc. Keep your mind busy at all times. The mind occupies whatever it is you occupy it with.

Stay prayerful and keep your mind focused

Pray. Look to God for help, pray to God to keep you from tempting situations and pray that when you get tested, he will grant you strength to overcome. Find scriptures that talk about what you struggle with, read the Bible more, have devotionals.From time to time, we will have moments where our mind drifts to inappropriate thoughts. In these times, keep your mind focused, call out to God in prayer, receive strength from the spirit and rebuke these thoughts.

Good companions.

Evil communication corrupts good manners. A man is as strong (or weak) as the company he keeps. Actively seek friendships and companions that will help your growth. If you struggle with controlling the urge to sin, you can’t have friends who always want to party, go to clubs, smoke, get drunk and womanize around you. You will have to cut them off in order to not to get tempted. Seek out men who are after God’s heart, fellowship with them, discusses your struggles with them and learn from how they control the temptation to sin.

Sports helps

From time to time, there will be occasions when the flesh decides to have a mind of its own. Get up, burn calories, run, jog, play basketball, or football, or whatever sport is your preference. Sweat, occupy your mind with sporting activities till the urge to fall to temptation passes.

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