Infidelity has been a major issue amongst married couples and most times adultery is as a result of actions and inactions that could be intentional or unintentional. It is pertinent to state that most cases adultery is from the male gender. A research conducted on a certain population of married couples have proven that adultery is always something that happens as a result of the excesses or shortcomings of one or both parties in the marriage.

However, the aim of this article is to elaborate the things women do that drive men to commit adultery that they might not be aware of. One of the numerous things that women do that drive men to commit adultery is the diversion of all the attention, care affection and love to the children after some years of marriage. Men generally are beings that crave special attention and care especially from someone they are emotionally attached to, and in a very good case someone they are married to, most women unconsciously take all the attention and affection they were supplying constantly to their man once the children start coming. Not all men will have the impetus to approach their spouse on this kind of issue as it appears to carry a lot of sensitivity because of the children involved. Some women are unapologetically insensitive to when their men give attitudes or even send body languages based on the lack of attention they are made to endure. As a result of this lack of attention, some men engage in extramarital affairs which can be generally tagged under the term ADULTERY.

Another thing that women do which drive men to cheat is that some women consciously or unconsciously compare their men to other men which are damaging to the self-esteem and self-confidence. Some men handle comparison with levity while others handle it with seriousness. Either way, the comparison goes a long way in pushing men to commit adultery because they feel underappreciated when they are being compared to other men who probably are flawless in the aspects where they might appear to be flawed. Also, women drive their men to commit adultery by making unnecessary, throwing unrequired tantrums and depriving the man of his inner peace. Often times, men like to go where they are appreciated, celebrated and sincerely loved without any form of drama, frivolity, or excessiveness of any nature, which is a reason why some of them commit adultery when they do not get things that make them happy, fulfilled and gives them inner peace.

In conclusion, men are driven to commit adultery when the woman they are with is lazy and also incorrigible. Some Women also are deeply addicted to the act of misjudging and misinterpreting the actions and even the words of their men thus creating a severed connection which is likely to damage the bond any man and woman might have shared. This act of misjudging and misinterpreting basic issues could also drive a man to commit adultery.

If you disagree please give me your thoughts on this subject.

Is it just in men/women to cheat because they have no decency?

Do women really it makevit difficult for their husbands to be faithful?

They say black women are the toughest on their men, is that just an excuse?

Now it is my personal opinion that if you love and/or are committed, even if you and your spouse are not sexual, you will remain faithful.

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