Finding The Perfect Balance Between Your Chase For Professional Success And Your Time For God

All Things Must Have A Balance; You Must Find The Perfect Balance Between Your Chase For Professional Success And Your Time For God

In today’s world, it has become increasingly difficult for young people to their total charge of every aspect of their lives. This is as a result of the high demands of jobs in this century. Anyone looking to have a successful career needs to put in, long hours of overtime which sometimes might be unaccounted for.

Every individual strives for professional success and in order to get to the top of the ladder in one’s chosen career, there are two ways in which people go. The corrupt way and the right way. The corrupt way always entails going through dubious means to get to the top; which includes selling one’s body, engaging in fraud and tampering with official documents. The right way involved getting to the top with one’s sweat and blood, and most importantly the grace of God.

As a child of God, it should be clear to you, that getting success through a dubious way is a sin and only a momentary phase which would not last. The only true way to success is the one which is undertaken with long-suffering and obedience to the will of God. For a child of God to achieve professional success, hard work and diligence are required.

After acknowledging the fact that getting to the top is not a task that can be joked with. It is necessary for the individual to put all efforts towards achieving this goal. These efforts are the price to pay in order to get a good success. Working late hours, skipping lunch breaks, carrying out assignment outside your specializations are some of the things to be expected.
This chase for professional success, however, must not disturb your time with God. In the same vein, your time with God must not hinder you from achieving professional success. This necessitates finding a perfect balance between these two important part of your life. A lot of young people, these days neglect God, and barely have time to meditate on his word once they enter into a profession. This is because they focus solely on their jobs and make God secondary. Now, all good things come from God, therefore neglecting God for your professional success, amounts to biting the hand that feeds you.
The issue of combining the rigors of professional life and the necessity for fellowship with God is a very sensitive issue in this day.

Given the fact that an industry is a secular structure, a lot of people believe that it is necessary to maintain a secular orientation while in the workplace, this they say is what should be done because operating in a full Christian mode in the workplace might lead to unnecessary frictions and also hinder opportunities. This is wrong however, a Christian should own up to his faith in the workplace, so as to avoid being charged to do things against your faith. It will also exempt you from gatherings which are not godly, thereby giving you more time to invest in God.

In creating a perfect balance, the chase for professional success might pose be a hindrance to fellowshipping with God. For example, a man who stops attending Sunday services because of overtime at the office. Fellowshipping with God can also prevent a man from achieving professional success. For example, a worker prays all through the night and ends up spending his day at work sleeping. These are instances which show that it is necessary not to place one over the other but to create a perfect balance.

How can a perfect balance be achieved? A perfect balance between chasing professional success and spending quality time with God can be achieved through the following means; Acknowledging that God is the essence of our existence, devoting an hour to prayer and reading the word of God, and many more.

Young people while going through the rigors of balancing their career and also having a constant fellowship with God often forget that, God is the essence of our lives and without him we are nothing. Acknowledging this fact makes the task before one easier as it makes us realize that God is the center of our lives and all our activities should be done in accordance with His word.

Another way to maintain this equilibrium is by spending about an hour every day praying and reading the word of God. This is important because it keeps one in constant fellowship with God. It also shows that God does not condone laziness and neglect of duty, rather He promotes the excellent man who does his work diligently. Therefore, doing the fellowshipping with God is not an excuse for neglecting your professional duty. Spending time reading the word of God daily also saves us from temptation especially at our workplaces, this with the word of God serving as our guide.

To be able to achieve both of these, there are some simple guides that should follow. One is setting a Sabbath day aside for rest. God rested on the seventh day, after the work of creation and this emphasizes the need for rest. One must not be overzealous in his pursuit of professional success and forget the essence of resting. It is a necessity ordained by God. Another thing to put in mind is a total dedication to God during your fellowship with Him. This means, you have to do away with your phones and gadgets for the duration of that time, as only this way can you have true fellowship with God.

Finally, having this perfect balance is of great value to you, as a Christian. It enables God to guide you, during crucial decision-making processes; particularly when there is a clash between business ethics and the doctrines of Christianity. God also provides for your needs by blessing your endeavors. In contrast, anyone who fails to create this balance would always experience difficulties when it comes to issues of placing priorities making decisions. A lot of Christians in the professional world have highlighted the need for creating this balance, thereby making it an issue that cannot be overemphasized.

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