One of the most outstanding virtues a believer of God can possess that can show how strong his faith in God is patience. Patience is a virtue and unlike the normal definition, people use in describing patience; as the ability to wait. Patience is not only the ability to wait, patience is the ability to wait and manifest a good character while waiting. Apart from patience being a virtue, it is also included as one of the many fruits of the spirit. “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, PATIENCE………..” GALATIANS 5;22.

There are some types of patience that God desires from you as people that worship him, believe in him and serve him. God desires you to wait on him patiently when things are bright and things are gloomy; He desires you to display patience when waiting for him to make bad things good and make good things better. Faith and patience are two interwoven factors that cannot be separated because having faith requires you to wait on God and waiting on him patiently. “But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it” (Romans 8;25).God desires you to show patience in times of infirmity, sickness, and diseases, he expects you to patiently seek his face for healing. The woman with the issue of blood exhibited this virtue of patience in the bible (Luke 8;43-48). This story has already explained from the beginning how this woman with this infirmity had exhausted all her money and resources on treating this infirmity and all of her efforts had been futile. She was not still discouraged, she waited patiently because she knew her healing might only take longer, but one day definitely she will be made whole. This is the kind patience God desires from you; patience that does not tremble in the face of infirmity or sickness, patience that holds on to God firmly without giving up, patience that doesn’t fail or falter. Even the day the woman with the issue or blood received her healing, she was patient to go through the multitude following Jesus and touch the hem of his garment.

Patience in times of infirmity that God desires of you is clearly elaborated in the Bible in the JOHN 5;1-8. This man by the pool of Bethesda had waited for 38 years, he had an infirmity for 38 years and he had been lying by the pool of Bethesda waiting for the day he would be the first to step into the pool whenever it’s been stirred up by an Angel. This man showed a rare type of patience and even after several years of having nobody to help him into the pool, he still preserved and stayed there patiently. If he had lost hope and his patience dwindled, he could have decided to leave the side of the pool after years of lying there in vain, but his persistence and patience helped him get his healing from Jesus because he was at the right place at the right time. Most times when you are waiting on God for something it is important to note that strategic affiliation is a factor that should not be undermined, God is a God Of order which explains why he created the heavens and the earth in an order of preference. While waiting on God, you should wait on God in faith, with hope and to also be in the right places and also with the right people.

God desires you to show patience in times of Zero productivity, barrenness, stagnation or lack or breakthrough. Just like Hannah in the Bible, Hannah showed patience immensely that even when she was mocked she kept on returning to Shiloh every year without hesitation or any form of reluctance (SAMUEL 1; 2-21). Hannah was patient enough for God to give her a child and not just an ordinary child, a child that will serve the Lord and serve him wholeheartedly. This type of patience Hannah displayed must have stirred up something in God which prompted him to answer her prayers. This particular type of prayer is one that greatly desires from his people.

Patience in times of tribulations and rejection is another type of patience God desires from you. Critically examining Job in the bible we are shown how the devil turned Job from hero to zero. The devil completely destroyed Job’s life and expected him to turn against God but Job endured all of the torments of the devil and triumphed at the end (JOB 1 AND 2). The Devil mustered enough courage and had the audacity to go to God and ask for the permission to take everything from Job. When we are being tested for problems and we encounter challenges and hurdles in life, God is always there with us and taking note of the level of patience you show in times of distress. God also desires you to show patience when he makes a promise about something which has been requested from him. Grumbling and nagging God is a core reason why some people’s patience has crumbled. God is a God of times and seasons and if he has promised a thing, you should wait patiently for a 100% assurance that he will make it happen in his own time. “When the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen” (Isaiah 60;22).

Above all, God desires you to show a kind of patience that is enduring, painstaking, persevering and long-suffering. A patience that reflects the very existence of Jesus Christ in our lives, a type of patience that is worthy of emulation, a type of patience that populates heaven and depopulates hell, a type of patience that other people see and seek refuge in God. God desires you not only to show patience in times of infirmity, sickness, disease, trials, or any form of challenges whatsoever but also to show patience in all dealings. In the kingdom business and also in the real-life business. God desires you to show patience when relating to and with other people, he expects a sense of responsibility to handle any form of situation, he desires us to display this patience with sincerity and wholeheartedness “With all lowliness and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love” (Ephesians 4;2). God desires you to show certain types of patience not to ridicule or make you look stupid but to be able to give all the glory back to him and when he starts unleashing his blessings, it can be said that this person waited patiently on God.

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