Effectual Fervent prayerso of the righteous availeth much.Your lifestyle must be an example of Christ in order to have your prayers answered



In a world full of events that have the ability to shake and discourage a person, how do you stand strong in the face of it all? How does a person trust and remain faithful to God in the face of oppositions and trials? What do you do when all seems to be going bad? When the basic needs are lacking, how do you still maintain strong, unwavering faith in God? What happens when all seem to be going wrong? When its like the whole world is crashing-in on you.
Faith is man’s hands stretched out to receive that which Grace has made available (Hebrews 11:1). How then do you partake of all God has for you if you don’t fulfill the conditions to receiving them?
The world around would sure bring events your way. The only way to be free from troubles is to be out of this world. For as long as you live, problems would arise. How then do you hold on and keep your faith?
Faith is being Child-like. A child believes everything he is told. He does not question even the most absurd things. To have faith, you have to become child-like, innocent and believing. He that has promised would surely do it (Matt. 7:7-11). Faith is not passive. It is an action. It can be measured and increased.
• Pray
How important is it to pray? Prayer is not just a means of asking for things from God. Prayer serves to encourage, give peace, restore strength, keep hope alive. Prayer has been known to restore faith. Cry if you have to, ask questions. Are you too tired to pray? switch to worship. Praying doesn’t necessarily have to involve you jumping around, shouting or anything. At this point, talk to God like you are talking to an intimate father or friend. There is nothing wrong in asking questions. Tell Him all that is on your mind. Doing this would restore your peace. Even Jesus had to retreat and give Himself to prayer. Prayer is the oil that fuels a believer’s engine of faith. Never let it run dry. Pray and don’t stop praying till you get an answer. One thing worthy of note here is consistency (Luke 18:1-8). Here the wicked judge got tired of hearing from the woman and had to grant her request. God has promised to respond to as many as consistently call on Him. He is your father and He desires to give you the good things of life. Don’t stop calling on Him.

• Study the word
Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17)
To strengthen one’s faith, the word of God is a perfect medicine. You read about great men who through faith subdued kingdoms, who attained victory, men that controlled and took charge of situations, men that did extraordinary things because they did just one thing- Have complete and sincere trust in God (Hebrews 11). Even those that were promised things that took time to come to pass were unwavering in their faith. Take a cue from Abraham (Hebrews 11:8-12,11:17-19 ,Romans 4)
The bible tells of those that were not scared of anything. They took risks and trusted God with their lives. They were willing to die for their faith. (Daniel 3,6)
David is also another classical example of a man who walked in faith (I Samuel 17:45-47) He and others spoke of things that were yet to happen as though it had. Their faith was so strong that they moved God to act on their behalf. Have the kind of faith that makes God decide to rise up to the challenge.
The word of God is not just about past events or stories. It has life. We understand that without faith,it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Unbelief is the greatest hindrance to receiving from God. A heart full of doubts cannot receive anything from God. Let the word of God work in your life to give much-needed strength to you. His response is a product of your faith (Matthew 9:29). Here, a man received His healing because Jesus recognized that he had faith. (Matthew 15:28,Mark 5:34)
• Talk about it
A problem shared is half solved they say. Sometimes, the only medicine you need is talking about things. There are times when you are faced with certain challenges and talking about them to someone else(a friend, mentor) can be all you need. When you discuss things, it helps you recognise that it’s not the worst that could happen, you are able to step back and analyse the situation. Talking also strips you of whatever anger you have towards life or even God. Find a trusted counselor and talk about that problem. Find someone that can help strengthen your faith and help you grow. They can also hold you up in prayer(prayer partners), align with covenant friends that can stand in place for you when you are too weary to do so.
• Read/listen to testimonies
Hearing people share how God has come through for them is another great way to keep faith strong (1 Corinthians 10:13). You realize that in this present day, God is as faithful as ever. Testimonies have a way of encouraging a person. Listen to others share how faithful God has been to them, celebrate with them and trust that God would come through for you too (Matthew 17:20)
• Reflect
In our times of crisis and trials, we are sometimes so consumed with what is happening that we forget things done in the past. Take this time to stand and reflect on how faithful God has been to you in the past (Luke 12:22-32). Think also about the things you receive daily: the gift of life, health, water. These things might look small but they are the basics of life and He has not denied you of them. Reflect and you would see how faithful He has been to you.
• Seek strength from the Father
One of the advantages of grace is that it offers help and covers up. The Spirit (Paraclete), a trusted comforter is available for as many as seek Him. He gives strength, comfort in times when one is weak. Lean on Him and draw your strength from Him today. He is the greatest friend there is (John 14:26,1 Corinthians12:9, Romans 8:26)
• Be reminded of His promises to you
God has great plans for all His children. He created you with a unique purpose. There is a reason for your existence with promises attached to them (Romans 8:28). Constantly meditate on God’s promises for your life, remind yourself of them, draw strength from them believing that God is faithful to His words and that this phase would pass. It sure would.

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