What are those factors that keep marriages together?
What are those simple things that could change the course of a marriage?
Do marriages really work?
Staying faithful in a relationship; a mere perception or reality?
These and many other questions are what this sentential chunk would be framed around.

Marriages have been often referred to as a battlefield where no one gets out alive and for some, it’s the most blissful experience you could ever imagine. What’s the striking difference between these two categories of people? It’s the drive to always want to make it work from both parties. When both parties are willing to try and put aside various differences and just focus all the positive energy, it eventually comes through in the long run.

Making a marriage work takes a lot of tenacity and before addressing the issue of marriage, this writing would be structured into two sections; the first being about making marriages work and the latter how to stay faithful in a marriage.

What keeps a marriage together?
1. Remembering the foundation on which it was built upon. Now, remembering the foundation on which the marriage was built upon is not about having flashbacks about how blissful and reminiscing how heartwarming it all was at some point. But having a recall on what brought you into this in the first place? What attracted me to my significant other? Why was this person all I could dream about at some point in time? These are the foundational structures needed to be reflected upon. A consistent reinforcement would help stay in touch with the factors that initially set the marriage rolling.
2. Stay connected, no matter what happens, no matter how demanding the job is, no matter the consuming daily routine and schedule, try to stay connected to the daily happenings of your partner. When you lose your partner as a friend, you have a 100% tendency to lose them as a marriage partner. So no matter how consuming the hours are, try to create more time for your partner.
3. Be guided by wisdom. As an individual in a marriage, applying wisdom to every situation helps to put all in check. Knowing when to talk, when not to, how to talk when you’re supposed to, when to talk calmly, when to be firm and so on. When wisdom is constantly applied in dealings with your partner, the marriage stands on a stronger ground.
4. Try not to lose touch with yourself. Being married tends to make individuals forget who they really are and what gets them going. Losing touch with yourself is a guarantee that you’d lose touch with your partner because you don’t know what works for you anymore, you don’t know how to be yourself anymore and this is a contributing factor to losing touch with your partner.
5. Be much plainer and hold no grudges. What crumbles a relationship faster than an affair is the ability of not letting go of wrongdoings. For some, it takes the invocation of an extraterrestrial being to let go of little issues and this focuses on the negative rather than the positive. It is advised that when your significant other steps on your toes, try to say how you felt about that specific incident and let it go immediately after.
6. Try to function as a support system for each other. A peaceful home is second to none. Try to comfort your partner when needed. Even if it’s just a headache, ask about it. When you allow minor things affecting your partner seem important to you, a sense of comfort is felt.
7. Saying thank you, I love you and I’m sorry goes farther than imagined. You woke up and your partner already made breakfast, show appreciation. You’re leaving for work, remind them of how much they mean to you. You accidentally hurt their feelings, say sorry and actually mean it.

On the latter part, what are those factors that help keep partners faithful?
1. Try to teach your partner how you want them to be. Are they not really into something you suggested they try in the bedroom? Try talking and explaining your views towards the issue. There’s something you really enjoy doing, why not try and tell them how you want things to be properly done to you. Instead of outsourcing sexual satisfaction from several third parties.
2. The grass is actually never greener on the other side. Your partner is not spontaneous and the only solution is finding another partner that seems more spontaneous than your partner but guess what? That person might just be intensely boring in the sack once you get to know them. This implies that giving up and opting for the next best thing only takes you back to the initial stage all over again.
3. Keep it interesting. When a marriage gets too rigid and becomes a routine, it tends to ruin the romance and passion. Go out on dates, take trips together, choose a day during the week when you shut everything off and focus on your partner alone. Send them flowers. Send reminder cards of how much they mean to you.
4. Help your partner through overcoming several sorts of temptations. Dress up for your partner! Try to remain a partner. When you stop showing efforts towards your appearance, your partner starts to lose touch with you and starts finding other individuals more attractive and irresistible.
5. Take up the decision to remain faithful. The first step of staying faithful in a marriage is actually admitting to the fact that you want and need to remain faithful to your significant other. When this first stage is covered, what comes next would only require the capability to spot temptations and stay away from them.
6. Remaining open to new experiences. All through the course of your marriage, all you’ve been exposed to is that the bedroom is the only place to express intimate desires with your partner. Why not try the kitchen this time. Put the car in park and recline the seats and try something new. These activities would help revive the sexual connections between you and your partner.
7. Relive memorable moments. Can you ever forget the day you first walked-in on your partner in the shower? Try it again, but this time with a plan. The place you first kissed? Take your partner there and relive that moment.

When it comes to making marriages work and staying faithful to your partner, all that it takes is the effort of both parties.


  1. Two key things I always remember, communication, keep family & friends out of whatever is going on within the marriage and make time to spend some quality time together.


    1. Thank you for stopping by V. Rodgers. I do believe you are right. I need to say people are not as committed to relationship in today’s world. People are lovers of themselves according to scriptures.


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