The church vs. Abortion

There have been a lot of controversies and arguments out there on Abortion, some believe abortion is very wrong irrespective of the situation and some belief some situations can permit abortion.
I don’t know your stand but this article will explain in details what the church and the scripture feels about Abortion.
I am sure this will be one of the most informative and enlightening post that you will be reading this year because this post explains how the church feels about Abortion.
To start with, it’s important you know that churches opposes and condemns any form of abortion whether direct or indirectly. Even pregnancies that result from incest or rape and may present danger to the mother of the child still don’t permit abortion.

Abortion is seen by churches as a grave evil and the Bible forbids abortion just the way the Bible forbids murderers.
For some that don’t understand what the term abortion is, abortion is the act of taking purposefully or directly the life of an unborn child. And the holy book also believes that the all life is sacred from the time of conception in the mother’s womb till death.

In the law of Moses, the law ordered strict penalties for abortion, If men are fighting and they hit a pregnant woman which leads to premature birth without injuries, the offender will be paying the fine assigned to him by the woman’s husband and if there is serious injury, you are to take eye for eye, life for life, tooth for tooth and hand for hand (Exodus 21:22-24).
The church believes that human life is sacred because of the involvement of God creation and the special relationship with God. Only the Almighty has the control over our life and from the beginning to the end and no one has the right under any circumstance to claim himself or anyone life.

Sacredness in the womb has been respected since the Jewish era and then abortion was not common. They believed that God is the only author and he has the supreme to produce the child in the mother’s womb till the child is brought to life.

This Jewish tradition and believe is what the church adopted and the Old Testament is an evidence to back it up. The Old Testament also gives clear evidence why the womb is sacred and why you should never tamper with an unborn child.

Dt 28:2-6 explains where God talked about the child being a blessing.
Christianity has upheld the sanctity of abortion by kicking against it, since Jesus Christ came through the womb every other person that will come through the womb is sacred.
In Didache “teaching of the 12 Apostles” emphasized that mothers that take drugs to abort pregnancy is seen as someone that is killing children and such person is a murderer.
Tertullian in his Apologeticum also asserted that preventing a child birth is anticipated murderer and there is just a little difference between killing an unborn baby and a child that has been given birth to.
You may also read about different points on what the church feel about abortion but one of the things I can always assure you Christianity is against Abortion. The church has consistently upheld the sanctity of the life of a child that is yet to get to the world and the act of abortion is condemned. Opposing the teaching of the Bible (New and Old Testament) simply means you are going against the law of God.

Opposing the teachings of the church, the teachings of the bible and religion contradicts the scripture and Christian tradition.
I am sure you don’t need to go farther in search of getting any other fact to contradict because this article has explained clearly what the church feels about abortion.
Its high time Christians pray for change in the way people think or feel about every citizen. We as Christians should pray for change of heart and we should also teach people and defend the sanctity of human life especially those that cannot defend themselves (the innocent unborn child and the defenseless).

I am sure you now see what the church feels about abortion and if you have learnt something new I will advise you share this article with friends as you don’t know who the article might help or change.

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