In this post, the various factors responsible for delayed ejaculation, the effects and the solutions would be discussed.
What is delayed ejaculation? Delayed ejaculation is a situation where a man is having difficulty or incapability to reach climax and to release semen. This condition occurs when the man has had 30-45 minutes of consistent penetration and does not have the urge of reaching orgasm while having a normal erection.
Also, delayed ejaculation can be regarded as a sexual dysfunction where the man is unable to reach an orgasm despite appropriate penetration. The various causes of this dysfunction would be elaborated on in the latter part of this article.

Prolonged ejaculation has been termed as a dysfunction which could be caused by several factors which include;
1. Biological factors (reproductive organs).
This is a situation where the reproductive organ meant to produce semen is not functioning properly. The testis or testicles is the oval like organ located in the scrotum responsible for the production of sperm in the male body. Shortage of produce by this testis could result in prolonged ejaculation because there is the inadequacy of sperm to be released.
2. Frequent Masturbation.
When a man frequently masturbates, the body system gets used to that self-pleasure and would only reach a climax when that feeling is initiated. Delayed ejaculation would definitely occur during intercourse because the body system has been programmed to respond to a specific type of sensual feeling. Thus, prolonged release of semen would likely occur during sex, unless there’s a form of re-duplication of the sensual feeling gotten during Masturbation.

3. Heavy consumption of alcohol and drugs.
Sexual performance under the influence of alcohol cannot be likened to normal performance and here is why. Heavy consumption of alcohol releases several chemical substances which could slow down the body’s response to a sexual stimulus resulting in delayed orgasm. Also, the usage of drugs for performance enhancement could go sideways by delaying climax. The more you keep trying to reach climax the harder it would be because the drugs have enhanced the sexual capability and duration it takes to reach orgasm.

4. Performance anxiety.
Some men have trouble getting themselves together when it comes to sexual activities. This could be as a result of over anticipation of sex or expecting sex to follow a specific routine and it doesn’t. This could result in the inability to reach orgasm.

5. Side or after effects of medications.
The usage of painkillers, antidepressants, and other clinical prescriptions could have a later effect on sexual performance resulting in delayed ejaculation.

6. Sustained injuries.
Injuries resulting in the damage of specific nerves or veins having a connection to the reproductive organ could result in delayed ejaculation.

What are the effects of a man having delayed orgasm?

1. Pain in the reproductive organ.
Inability to reach climax after constant penetration would result in a full erection which could stay still that way and result in severe pains in the penis area.

2. Depression.
Constant worrying and thinking of the inability to reach climax would result in lack of interest in any sexual-related activity. This would eventually result in depression.

3. Loss of confidence.
Men are known to fuel their ego from the ability to sexually please their sexual partners. In turn with pleasing the sexual partner is reaching climax. The inability to reach orgasm would result in not wanting to engage in any sexual activity or loss of interest in sexual activities.

4. Damage to sexual health.
Sex is regarded as an important factor when it comes to furthering the connection between two people. One the note of satisfying the partner, the man might be doing just fine. But he on his part would not be having sexual satisfaction. This puts the man’s sexual health at a risk because he starts losing interest in sex and anything related to it.

5. Mental Imbalance.
Constantly trying to figure out the cause of this dysfunction would reduce the man’s productivity. Frequently worrying about the inability to ejaculate would eventually result in depression

6. Reliance on self-pleasure.
Not being able to reach orgasm brings about the option of Masturbation. If Masturbation leads to ejaculation, the man would likely be willing to settle for self-pleasure instead of sex.

What are the preventive measures of this dysfunction?

1. Seeking immediate medical attention.
Suffering in silence would not put an end to inability to reach climax. Seeking immediate medical attention would proffer a solution to the dysfunction. Moreover, this dysfunction might be a common problem faced by people at several points in time. So, the solution to inability to ejaculate might be seeking medical attention.

2. Try to reduce masturbation and other self-pleasures to a minimum. Frequent masturbation puts a man at the risk of not enjoying sex so much which could also result in delayed ejaculation.

3. Avoid performance enhancement pills.
The consistent usage and dependency on enhancement pills could, in turn, affect sexual health.

4. Avoid heavy consumption of alcohol before sexual encounters. As earlier said, heavy intake of alcohol could slow down the body’s response to the sexual stimulus which could put a lasting pause on ejaculation.

5. Avoid reliance on antidepressants, pain relievers and pharmaceutical prescriptions.
Do you get sudden headaches? Why not take a bath and have a nap? Instead of opening the drug cabinet at every point in time when you feel a slight ache. Constant usage of painkillers and the likes could affect the man’s sexual health later resulting in the inability to reach orgasm.

6. Try to not to have multiple sexual partners.
Multiple sexual partners can be a contributing factor when it comes to not being able to reach climax. Having multiple partners puts you at the point of contact with various types of women with several sexual orientations and preferences. What works for A, might just not work for B or C as the case may be. So, having intercourse with just one partner might not be enough sex drive for you thus resulting in the inability to reach orgasm when having repeated sex with the same partner.

Understanding your partner’s body and your partner reciprocating might put an end to inability to reach climax and a better sex life for you and your partner.

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