10 Things All Women Need to Know About Men

10 Things All Women Need to Know About Men, That Will Be Beneficial To All Women

The craving for attention from the opposite sex never stops. Especially in relationships, women and men want their partners to know them deeper. While women wish that their men could understand some unspoken words, they must understand that men desire this too. So many women often forget that men are also emotional beings, with lots of stuff going on their heads and in their hearts. They feel as much as women do, and have a deep desire to be understood just as much. There are certain things about men you probably didn’t know about that will leave you a little surprised. They would definitely change how you see men.

1. Men Like to feel attractive: So, women often feel many owe it to them to say how attractive they look, especially when they’ve got something new on. They also like to know that their men find them attractive, both physically and otherwise. Well, men like this too. They want to know that something about them tickles you, the same thing that made you want to be with them in the first place. So, every once in a while, it would be nice to let him know how attractive he is.

2. Men do not like to show their Weaknesses: Well, society has conditioned men to think that it is unmanly to show their weaknesses. Men like to feel strong like they have everything under control. They like to feel a shoulder for you to cry on, not the other way around, however, women should be able to see the signs that indicate when they need you to be strong for them.

3. Men like their privacy sometimes: It is common for women to complain that their man is probably ignoring them, or being unusually quiet. Well, men like to be alone sometimes, just to think and clear their heads. It doesn’t mean they love you less, they wish women could understand this.

4. Men Like to Cuddle: Well, a little snuggling won’t hurt. You see, men can be babies sometimes, big babies. They like to be treated just the way you would treat a child. To be pampered and love just as warmly, especially from the women they love.

5. Men Feel Insecure Sometimes: It is very natural for men to get jealous of other men every once in a while, especially if you have this hot co-worker you seem to be getting along with. They are often scared that they’ll lose you to someone else, maybe someone better than them. While you may wonder why they’ll think this way, knowing fully well that you love to be with them, it is still pretty normal. On the bright side, it just shows how much they truly care about you and want to be with you. They think you are amazing, and every man would want to have you in their lives as well.

6. Men Like to talk about themselves: since men often come across as the quiet reserved ones in a relationship, it is easy to just gloss over their longing to be heard. Men actually like to talk about themselves once in a while. They want you to hear about what’s going on at work, or what bothers them. They want to complain about how they are really exhausted and need a change of job. They want to tell you about their family, and how unique and crazy every member is. They really just want to draw you into their world by telling you the little details of everything happening in their lives. So sometimes women should let men do the talking, and just listen very keenly to how they feel.

7. Men cannot Read your minds: Ladies, when you have something going on in your headand you’re mad at your man for not seeing through you, bear in mind that they are not min readers. Men cannot understand what is really up with you unless you actually communicate. Communication is very important in every relationship. It goes a long way to strengthen the bond and make the other person understand you better. The next time he does something that tic s you off, it is not okay to assume he can see through it, tell him about it. Let him always know how you feel and what you think by communicating verbally.

8. Men want you to put just as much effort into the romance: So ever wondered what will happen if you, in fact, invite your man for dinner instead of the other way around? It won’t hurt, it will just be a twist, something different. Just give him a surprise once in a while, to let him know that you care just as much and really appreciate who he is. Your man would love you for this.

9. Men Like a woman who is Confident: There’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman, and men wish you knew this. It is okay not to be the most attractive, facially beautiful woman around, but to be confident in your own skin and body, makes you irresistible. Men actually wish women will appreciate themselves more and stop comparing their physique to the woman on the front page of that magazine.

10. Men Like Intelligent Women: Playing dumb doesn’t actually make you cute as a woman. It is certainly not an attractive feature. No man wants to be with a woman he considers unintelligent. And women should know that when you are with a good man, your intelligence doesn’t threaten him, on the contrary, it makes him super proud to have you. It is okay to be smart and great at whatever you do, as long as you are still a humble being.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Men and women will get along a whole lot better if they often stop to understand each other better. A man is human, he is not the perfect unmovable pillar you imagine him to be. He has some flaws, just like you do and there are definitely certain things he wishes you knew about him.

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