The Benefits Of Drinking Water

Benefits of Drinking Water That You Should Know

I tried drinking water every time I craved soda for a week. That week I had about eight ounces of water a day and the results were astounding. My skin got clearer and I felt better generally. The slogan “Stay Hydrated!” seems like a cliche or a lie. You’ve probably asked someone how they got their skin to be so clear and they told you it was because of their water intake. They did not lie. It is truly just as easy as that. Here are some reasons why you should drink more water other than the fact that it’s good for you.

1. Clear Skin – I cannot stress this enough, water works wonders for your skin. It leaves you glowing and happier.

2. Metabolism – For the people who don’t burn fat as fast as they’d like to, water helps a lot. It’s actually a detoxifier. There has been an influx of “green or natural products” over the past years, I’m not saying these products don’t work but your body is made up of 60 percent water. It seems logical to give it more of what it’s made of.

3. It cures/prevents headaches – Your brain is made up of about 73 percent water. It sounds insane, I know but it’s true. Drinking water keeps your brain refreshed and if your brain is less stressed and refreshed, the chances of you getting a headache if you’re a person who drinks water frequently are really low.

4. It tastes good and it saves money – Water is cheaper than soda and it also tastes really good. If you feel like it’s bland you can always add a squeeze of lime or some berry extract but not too much, the goal is to consume pure water.

5. It boosts your immune system – The number of things water can do should make it more expensive or at least harder to get but it is so easily accessible. Studies have shown that drinking water helps to aid your immune system and make it stronger for terminal illnesses.

6. Well-Lubricated Joints – If you’re well hydrated you’re less likely to get sprains or any joint related injuries. So that means no more ankle rubs after sprinting up the stairs.

7. Cramps – This is more gender specific. It’s well known that you shouldn’t take anything sweet before your period, so if you aren’t taking soda or juice you could always take water to ensure your menstrual period goes along smoothly and less painful.

8. Hangovers – If you’ve had a rough night partying with people or alone it always helps to consume a lot of water so that the alcohol-induced hangovers will not be as brutal as they usually are. Sometimes you suffer no hangover symptoms at all. This has been tested and proven correct.

Water does all this and so much more. It helps your physical well-being. That’s why people who exercise or go on runs are always advised to hold a bottle of water while on the go. If you find it difficult to drink water often you can always download an app that measures your water intake for you or gets a water bottle with measurements on the side so you can take note of your water intake.

The amount of water that one should drink per day is debatable, your sole purpose is to drink as much as possible in any given day. Note that all the benefits will pay off almost immediately, as well as in the future. Keeping toxins and sickness to a minimum. The list of benefits are endless.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: Remember water is good for you. Stay Hydrated! Great for the body and soul, you must take care of your body as well as your soul. Your body is a temple!

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