Family and It’s Unique Importance

Family as a support structure

The most valuable and important gift that can be given to a person is a family. This is where everything in life takes its course. The first lessons about loyalty, responsibility, relationship, security, etc., all start within the family. It is a group of people (whether related by blood or vice versa) living with a high sense of responsibility for one another and to know they can rely on each other at all times.

Family means an undying love through the good times and bad times. It’s where you can get the true meaning of love, a place to find support, encouragement, comfort, understanding, values, morals, faith, etc. Imagine a person who has all these amazing support structures and compare it to someone else who lacks all or most of it – it’s definitely not anyone would like to live without.

We can’t underestimate the important roles of a family and how it influences the outcome of every individual. As a child grows, he or she notices and imitaties the practices, culture, morals, and virtues that are demonstrated towards him/her or other family members. It is a child’s first practical lesson on relationships – call it the first school and you may be right! Consciously or subconsciously, the child learns to provide security, understand certain values and its essence, gains an identity irrespective of his/her age. The child sees how a family member deals with different issues and learns deeply from the kind of acceptance and support shown towards the affected family member and how issues are being managed. It helps the child gain a strong foundation, which creates a great sense of self-worth. Here, the family instills the elements that form the child’s moral code.

Being nurtured on basic values and principles, the child learns character which stands as a guiding force all through in life. This is where the foundation of a person’s thought pattern is formed. A good family can as well equal to a great personality. When good values are inculcated at a preliminary stage, it requires little efforts to nurture a child especially at the difficult stages where they see the outer world and have to find a balance between the norms and excesses in life.

Checking the statistics of people who have made a significant difference (with a character worthy of emulation) in their careers, you will note that the amount of those who emerged from a well-structured family (that emphasizes on morals and values) largely outweigh those who didn’t have the opportunity to emerge from such amazing families.
You may have awesome friends, colleagues at work or school but no one can love you more than your own. A parent’s love cannot be compared to a friend’s. Your family would accept you for who you are. It is where love and care begin, and continues even after death.

One thing I have always noticed is that; whatever the situation it is with anyone, whether they lose a parent, both, or their entire family – life has its way of repositioning them into a new family where they are accepted and loved if they can only accept the love and care like it would have been with their exact family.

Bonding Your Family
Knowing how important the role of a family is, we shouldn’t shy away from the fact that there will be issues at different points in time (between family members) which would require some fundamental approach to ensuring that the family maintains its bond in a good spirit. Marital and familial crises are on the high side these days, which makes it a challenging task to establish and maintain the family tie. These domestic affairs require some efficient measures graced with a commitment by every member of the family to see it work. Some useful tips to keep this bond include:

Every dysfunctional family has a poor communication problem between members of the family if you check it. Communication requires a speaking and a listening part, and until these two are richly achieved there wouldn’t be an ideal communication between both parties. The speaking aspect is where ideas and feelings are poured out while the listener is the receiver of both and heeding to the speaker. While speaking requires honesty, listening must also be done in faithfulness. It’s a duo of honesty and faithfulness, and both are instrumental to the achievement of cultivating a united and healthy family.

Proactive Understanding
It would be devastating for anyone to pour out their feelings and get a misconception in return. Having a concomitant feeling/reaction after a bilateral communication with the speaker is the first approach to getting issues solved. It entails a mutual respect and consideration from the listener. Having achieved this, a proactive understanding will foster companionship, share similarities, and greatly improve trust between both parties.

Engage Each Other With Responsibilities
Just like a sport’s team, a family can improve its bond significantly when other members of the family are engaged in working out the needs of the household by playing an individual role. Chores may be shared according to skill or what a family member is usually willing to handle.
For instance, the traditional kind of family would likely assign the cooking chores to the mother, provision to the father, hosting to the girls, mowing to the boys, etc. This way, everyone is seen to contribute his or her own quota to keep the family going. This may not be a workable solution for your own family but the basis is to share responsibilities wisely and equally among family members in order to foster a sense of responsibility, peace, and unity.

Having Fun Together
Recreations have a powerful way of instilling and improving the family tie. Every family member looks forward to a time where everyone goes on an outing to get some freshness again and feel the love in a unity-driven environment. Whether it is a vacation, going to the movies, or going out for a game, having fun together is an opportunity to help improve communication as well as strengthening the bond.

Conflicts are inevitable but before it degenerates into poor communication, inequality between members of the family, you can make good use of the tips shared above to overcome the conflicts and salvage your family from any form of decay.

Planning A Successful Family Event

Planning an event comes with a lot of ideas and strategies put together to ensure that the invites have a splendid time. However, a family event can be quite challenging even when compared to other events that are assumed to be larger and complex in nature. Maybe it has to be this way because it involves some emotional components and interpersonal dynamics.

Here are some tips to help you plan an amazing family event:
Understand the politics of planning
Most likely, there would be a broad range of interest as family members often have strong preferences and opinions which are freely expressed, unlike other regular event guests. This may delay decision making as menu planning, venue, and other features are debated.

To make this easier, identify the key players who would determine a big part of the event especially the funding aspect and run with their ideas.Accessibility
Unlike a regular event, choosing a venue for a family event requires a lot of consideration. There may be parents that would be coming with infants in the arm, elderly ones or family members with mobility challenges. If you would be using a multi-level venue, it must have a ramp or an elevator. Try everything possible to ensure that your guests wouldn’t be making use of the stairs to reach the venue.

Manage the Generation Gap
In such events, it isn’t awkward to have 3 – 5 generations coming together. Here you must be careful to put features that would interest everyone ensuring that nobody feels out-of-place. Unlike the regular events which have usually 2-3 generations coming together, you have to be cautious of dress codes, choice of music, and games. For music, it should feature genres ranging from traditional ethnic favorites, oldies, and hip-hop.

Bridge the cultural gap
A family is a wide union of people and even loved ones at that. Some family members may be resident in other countries so the menu must contain dishes for everyone. Food is a major attraction in such events and you wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

Managing Alcohol
You don’t want such a graceful event to turn out sour you should watch out for this. At other events, you probably wouldn’t have any information about the drinking habit of your guests – but since it is a gathering of family members, you can adequately plan to take care of family members who have a drinking problem. You may choose to take-off alcoholic drinks totally or have a way of controlling what is being served.
As the party comes to an end, it would be nice to appreciate everyone letting them know how important they are as an integral part of the family. A souvenir to keep the memory as much as possible would also be a great idea.


  1. I was just spending time with my friend’s two step-daughters, and they really bonded with me in just one day because I actually spent time with them and asked them questions about their life.
    I think many parents forget how important just listening and being interested is. All you have to do is make your kids feel like they’re really important and be interested in their lives.
    A great way to bond is by learning together too… here’s a cool site:


  2. I am grateful for the childhood I had. I had great parents. A kid couldn’t ask for A better situation. I will continue to pray for our youth in the world.


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