The many ways men try to impress women , they will do anything when men try to impress women

How Men Impress Women

Below you will find 10 Important  Tactics on, How Men Impress  Woman  which he might be interested in and deems important enough to marry.  These tips will help you if followed carefully.

When a man wants to impress a woman, these are the tactics he will generally use.  The task can be difficult, but not impossible.  How men impress  women will be an artistic exceptional strategy that surpasses any females wildest dreams.  After all, most women are ready for a relationship, that they can barely contain themselves.  He will exclaim to the world that this particular woman of interest is undoubtedly the woman for him.  As he pursues her, he shows an excellent level of focusing, charity and outstanding greatness. Never displaying overly poetic, discriminatory or unbelievable behavior. His total mission is to focus on one woman, and do whatever it takes to impress, win, and make her happy.

It is trite that of all impressions, it is the first in time that matters most. Over time however, we’ve seen that certain impressions, in whatever number they come, count over and again and therefore becomes lasting. This is attributed to the circumstances that revolve around them. Daily, the male creation comes up with different tactics and techniques in a bid to attract a female to whom he is drawn to. For reasons that span from wanting to flirt, to wanting to create a lasting effect or bond. There is practically no length a man cannot go in this pursuit. From going out of his way to charm the woman, to doing all it takes to attract her attention. Although, they do it in the most respected manner possible so that the woman is unsuspecting. Getting her attention will be quick and easy for the most part.

This article focuses on 10 things a man will most likely do, in a bid to attract a woman. So ladies, relax, as we uncover the antics that the majority of guys have been using to utterly impress you.

1. Initiating Hobbies or Even Habits: A man that wants to impress a woman tends to want to make her see they have same or similar hobbies. This he does, just so that she feels they are compatible. So, when he is with or around her, he begins to talk about doing things that are suggestive of her hobbies or habits. This he does in order to create an impression that they may be a fine blend since they have the love for the same things. A tactic that women easily love and think nothing of.

2. Careful To Not Annoy or Irritate: All geared at not upsetting her with his line of thoughts, he tends to listen more than he talks. He might even begin to laugh at her dry or silly jokes just to lighten the mood and make her more relaxed. And then when he finally gets to talk, he tends to want to sell himself. He does this by talking about his plans for the future, his job or business and the desire to settle down with a wife and at least three children. He just wants to make sure she notices that he has his life together and he’s not some dude who lacks ambition or maturity.

3. Becomes More Cautious of Appearance and Outfit: A large percentage of men are rarely meticulous in regards to their appearance. This is, however, not the case when a man wants to attract a certain woman. He begins to pay attention to the tiniest of details when it comes to dressing. He will also strive to be tidy at all times. This might include manicures and pedicures, a clean cut, and extra showers, no nose or ear hairs dangling. Lol, I had to put that part in there. One of my pet peeves.

4. Buys a Lot of Gifts: Although this is becoming old-fashioned, it is, however, still the number one go-to for many men. They find out about things that interest her, sometimes, they get this information from her friends. They either give these gifts to her in person or they send a delivery man. These gifts usually include but are not limited to flowers, chocolates, a box of pizza and the likes, but when really trying to win her over. He will spurge on jewelry, romantic outings, or even travel. Maybe even buy that $1600 bag for her, although he thinks it’s foolish and the most unreasonable thing women do.

5. Always Carries a Helpful and Caring Demeanor Around Her: He smiles always, wants to walk ahead in time to get the door opened, or a form of protection, the car door is also not an exception, in some cases it could be a form of control. He carries shopping bags for her. Then all because he wants to be perceived as caring, he can even invite her over to a meal purportedly prepared by him. When in actual sense, it was either a bought repast or he had someone prepare it for him. He displays a particular behavior that would WOW any lady. Because she is so excited at the fact that she believes he cooked her a meal. She cannot wait to gab about it on the phone with her girlfriends. She is giddy and the smile on her face is the size of the Waxing Crescent Phase of the moon.

6. Tends to want to Share in Her Interests: A man in a bid to successfully commandeer a woman, begins to feign interests in things he’ll normally not give two thoughts to. He begins to watch romantic movies and other genres that were never in his line of interest. He also feels the need to listen to artists that he never aligned with. To attract a woman, most men begin to keep to their memory, lines of the songs of the woman’s favorite artists. Sometimes, they even try to act like they are humming an old tune of one of their favorite artist. When in actual sense, they are trying to attract her attention to the fact  they have the same likeness, for the same kind of music.

7. Strives To Be Different From Other Guys: A man who wants to persuade a woman wants to be perceived by her as a respected, well-behaved guy who is in its entirety, different. So, he tries to stay away from doing what he thinks or has seen other guys do. But sadly, most guys have similar tricks of leaving an impression. Lol. He makes sure he is never categorized in the same group as other men, he stands out above the rest she has dated. There is almost a perfection about him, which makes her little red flag go up or makes her friends plant a doubtful seed in her. But she reasons with herself and assumes he is just a genuine guy. Telling herself to proceed with caution.

8. Wants To Smell Nice Always: Some guys even go as far as asking the woman of her favorite brand of colognes, and voila! He switches to that brand. It’s funny but it’s the truth. Most women have no idea of what most men go through just to attract them. This perhaps is the reason some of them have a reduced esteem on rejection. After his admirable demeanor, his striking looks, and astonishing behavior, he has a win! She is just trying to take her time. She is amazed by him, but believes it is too good to be true. He is feeling good and wants to adorn her.

9. He becomes very courteous: He is quick to say “excuse me” right before a sneeze or just before he picks up the phone. He is nice to the waiter and this niceness, sometimes makes him tip people easily for services rendered. Also, when a lady calls him in the presence of the woman he wants to attract, he wants her to feel respected, so he sounds curt on the phone. Aside from proving a point of respect, he also wants her to feel that he has no attraction to other women and only has eyes for her. As she takes many deep looks into his face, to see the sincerity in him, she has no remorse concerning her feelings toward him.

She becomes emotionally involved before she actually should. Her hearts races as her blood flows rapidly through her veins. The impact from his goal to impress her, has unbelievably created a formidable astonishing connection between the two. Checkmate! He is in!

10. Become Friends with Her Friends: This technique is usually used as a fallback plan. If he feels all he’s done to grab her attention is not fruitful, he most probably would want to go through her friends. Just one or two of her most respected friends. He tends to become very nice to them. He even wants them to go out with him and the woman he aims to impress. By doing so, he secretly hopes they get caught by his charm and subsequently, talks his ultimate target into it. Once he has won over her friends, it’s all up hill from there, she is practically ready for marriage.

With all said, it is important to state that the most effective way to impress a woman, is not impressing her.  As many women know when a guy is trying too hard to be the “good guy”.  No matter how much the guy tries to conceal it or act like it’s his normal self, the woman knows it’s all targeted at getting her attention. It works! But he has won favor with her and friends if genuinely honest.  Don’t be unbelievably charming because it will give the female the feeling of being played.  It is important to be yourself. If he is sincere, her heart is what he will have eventually.

Allow her a certain amount of freedom while getting to know her. Do not be overbearing, Young women want to feel free in the midst of finding themselves, but still wanting the protection of a man, the comfort of having someone, the fact that she is special to someone. No hogging all of her attention, you must know when to pull back and when to be there. It might appear that she is wandering while conversating, but lend your ear to her at all times. Women hate feeling they are talking to themselves. Never evade the subject at hand while in deep conversation. She will begin to feel she is not respected. Focus all your attention on her.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: So, no matter the charm, the key to how men impress  woman, would be found in being yourself. There is nothing better than an honest, forthright, hard working, and God fearing man who knows how to treat a women. According to the bible it says “when a man findeth a wife, he findeth a good thing.    

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