How to have effective prayers, through strength and courage

Effective Prayers

Because of our lifestyle our prayers aren’t as effective as we would like to believe. God would rather we are hot or cold, but never lukewarm. The scriptures tells us be not like this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Be more like God, and live according to his word. In order to have effective prayers.

For a majority of Christians, the command, pray without ceasing is literally impossible. This is, in fact, one of the foundations for having more effective prayers.
In the past, before technology and social media took over, people would actually pray and see results. The disciples routinely locked themselves in for days praying and worshiping. There are records of the early Christians holding prayer meetings which went from days to months. How possible is that now? We currently believe our way of life keeps us so busy we rarely have time to do anything else. We now randomly pray, most times ignoring prayers completely till a great need arises. Could our current lifestyle or lack of sincerity be the cause of how effective our prayers are? The answer to this and other questions plaguing you lies within this article.

Listed below are methods in which our lifestyle can make our prayers ineffective.

1. Indifference Towards the Bible
As a result of our constantly busy schedules, many Christians have over the years turned indifferent towards the Bible. Proverbs says, if we turn our ears away from the law, our prayers become an abomination. The law here, of course, refers to the Bible. Over the years, more Christians have turned more to Godly books for answers and less to the Bible. While reading books help us grow, they should in no way replace the Bible. Which is our one and only true guideline for living a Holy and acceptable life in Christ. If you have little or no interest in the Bible, your prayers will not be as effective. God requires that when praying, we ask according to His will. How then do you know the will of God, If you never read his word. Not having adequate knowledge of the Bible, God’s plan and lack of holiness is the primary reason for ineffective prayers.

Often times, the answer to our prayers already lie in the scriptures. We do not know this because we have grown indifferent to studying God’s word. All we want to do is let our requests be made known unto this great Omnipotent God. Without bothering to find out what the Bible says regarding our prayers.

Getting a good grasp of the Bible will help culminate your prayers.

2. Lack of Faith
Having a faithless lifestyle is really terrible and will also hinder prayers. Lack of faith is one of the top reasons a Christian’s prayer are ineffective. Faith is the driving force of prayer, without belief, prayer has no power. Remember when Jesus went to Nazareth,the people did not believe him because they had seen him grow, they knew he was the carpenter’s son and but failed to have faith. It was recorded that Jesus could do nothing there in Nazareth, this is Jesus we are talking about here. His prayers couldn’t work, He could not work without faith. James says anyone who does not have faith should not expect to receive anything from God. Faith is the basis on which prayer is built on, asking and knowing you have an answer even without seeing physical evidence. Ineffective prayer happens when you don’t trust in what you are praying for. So don’t let doubt and fear get the better part of your prayers. Build your lifestyle on faith and belief to see the manifestation of your prayers.

3. Unconfessed Sin
This is another major reason for ineffective prayers. A lot of people start praying and immediately jump right into asking and requesting. They comfortably forget that the Bible says in Psalms, that if you have any wickedness in your heart, God will not hear. Wickedness here is talking about unconfessed sins. God cannot stand sin. So when you pray while still harboring sins in your heart, your prayers will be ineffective. More than half the time, people who pray just begin asking, without confessing their sins. Before you say you are sinless, John says if you say you have no sin, you are only fooling yourself. God cannot tolerate sin, so when we pray with sin in our hearts, it makes our prayers ineffective. Once we confess our sins, however, we are forgiven and our effective prayers become effective again.

4. Disobedience
To sustain a significant relationship with God, and build a helpful prayer life you need to know that obedience is key. It is not enough to read your bible, confess sins and have faith. You must be ready to prove by your actions. Obeying God is how you show the physical aspect of your faith. You definitely can’t believe one thing and contradict your beliefs by your action. Being a lukewarm saint stands in the way of effective prayers.

5. Lack of Forgiveness
This is a prime obstacle to effective prayers.  Unfortunately, we live in times where quarrels and rifts abound. However, you must be careful to not hold grudges, why? Let’s see what Matthew 6:14 says:
“For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

Forgiving and being forgiven are like Siamese twins; inseparable. Holding a grudge makes you bitter, clouds your thinking, and clutters your heart. You, of course, cannot pray effectively when your heart is heavy and filled with the lack of forgiveness. God wants you to be successful in all that you do, but you must acknowledge God first.

For your prayers to be efficient you must let go of your unforgiving lifestyle and step into the light of forgiveness. It might seem like a difficult thing to do but once you take the step, you find your prayers become more effective. No one will force you to live holy or pray as you should. You must will to do what is required of you in God’s eye in order to have success or worth in your effective prayer life.

ENCOURAGE YOURSELF: In truth, praying without ceasing is very possible, it is, in fact, one of the basis for building an effectual fervent prayer life. Get a bible and praying schedule and stick to it. With a little effort, patience and faith, your prayers will become not just effective but praying will be your new favorite thing to do.

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