When you come face to face with faith's crossroads, making the best decision can be difficult for you. Finding God is vital, and comes at a point in your life when you are at faith's crossroads

When We Are At Faith’s Crossroads

Absolute Faith: Living life in absolute faith can be regarded as very difficult for a Christian. Why is this so? A Christian is supposed to live life in absolute faith in God which requires total trust even when situations do not permit it. At times, situations can be so difficult and complex to even understand but absolute faith has to be exercised. It is totally normal to be at faith’s crossroads due to certain events that are uncontrollable. It is essential for Christians to understand that when faced with situations like this, it is better to seek God and his word. Not seeking God would cause more damage to the Christian’s faith. This article is centered around the various steps, a Christian should put into consideration, when we are at faith’s crossroads.

Finding our way back to God: When we are at Faith’s Crossroads it should never be thought of as a daunting task. Living life in faith can be deemed very tasking. The truth is, being in situations where decisions have to be made concerning faith can be really tricky. These various steps below are to be considered finding our way back to God when we are at Faith’s Crossroads.

Understanding the Entire Concept of Faith: Faith requires a strong belief in something or someone. This means that when faced with challenging situations which seem to test an individual’s faith, all that is required is the knowledge of belief. For faith to be effective, there has to be a proper belief system. This requires that the individual has to have a working knowledge of the concept of faith. Faith without understanding is incomplete faith. For the structure of faith to be complete, trust and absolute belief have to also be in place.

Having the word of God:  A spiritual backing would help in crossroad situations involving faith. When a Christian finds him or herself at faith’s crossroads, the word of God is essential because it serves as a guide for understanding spiritual concepts. Having the word of God as a spiritual backing guarantees an understanding of how faith works. When a Christian knows fully well that having doubts in faith is natural for humans, a form of reaffirmation occurs. So, a Christian who finds him or herself in situations raising doubts about faith should seek the word of God as a trustful backing.

If there’s is none; Building a working relationship with God would be of great advantage. In situations where a Christian finds it extremely difficult to exercise faith in God, that should be a sign that the level of faith is not strong enough. Having a working relationship with God would assist in making decisions which are faith related. How do you build a relationship with God? By believing in the word of God and understanding the requirements of establishing a relationship with God. Also, the Christian has to believe that he or she cannot function without Christ and understands how important it is to have a relationship with him.

Understanding: Also, understanding that absolute faith is just as important as living in Christ. Establishing the fact that absolute faith in Christ means that there’s no room for an unstable faith would help put things in perspective. When a Christian is at faith’s crossroads, what is required is the knowledge of how faith works. Living without faith would give room for constant doubts in Christ. These doubts would pave way for damage in the relationship with God. When situations like these keep happening, a total damage in the established relationship with God would occur.

Establishing that willing confidence is the essence of Christianity would help give clarity. Without faith, Christianity has no meaning. Christians faced with doubts concerning their reliance should understand the concept of Christianity and how it is linked to faith. When faced with doubts about faith in God, that can be categorized as doubting the entire essence of Christianity. This means that without faith in Christ the essence of Christianity has or would be altered.

Absence or loss of believing breaks the relationship between God and the Christian. Losing faith in God gives way for a break in the connection and relationship between God and that Christian. For instance, If God delays a prayer request, the Christian has to understand that God knows best. He knows what prayer request to grant, he knows the future and understands what is good and what is not. If the Christian lost trust in God because of this, it would give room for damage to the existing relationship.

The Development: Understanding that development is a gradual process. When faced with obstructions, which give room for doubts all that is needed is trusting the process. A pregnant woman has to understand that it takes nine months before she can be able to birth a child. This means that Christians have to exercise patience when dealing with issues that are faith related. Trusting the process requires the understanding that when it comes to various situations that cannot be controlled, all that is required is absolute faith in God. This exercised faith puts God in control of everything. As a Christian, finding yourself at faith’s crossroad would require an understanding of the fact that only God is capable of changing situations. Whatever the case might be and however it occurs, God alone knows the process.

Conclusion: Lastly, as a Christian finding God at faith’s crossroads, will find themselves subjecting to the will of God will help restore assurance in him. Subjecting to the will of God requires the absolute belief in him. This would require the total absence of doubts and lack of trust which could cause a decline in the faith of that individual. Being at faith’s crossroad means the Christian is faced with doubts which are as a result of the situations around him or her which makes it difficult to exercise absolute faith. This involves understanding that he is the way, he alone has control over the entire universe and he alone can turn situations around. By doing this, the Christian has exercised absolute faith in God.

Finding the way back to God when at faith’s crossroad requires an understanding of the concept of faith, the requirements for absolute faith and the requirements for establishing a relationship with God. Understanding these would put faith in the proper perspective. In essence, the application of the given steps would guarantee a link back to God.

Encourage Yourself: Know that many times in your Christian journey you will be faced with Faith’s Crossroads. The only thing that will matter is your perseverance in God, believe in the process.  Restoration of faith in God requires the Christian to subject totally to the will of God

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