Many couple stay together just for convenience whether it's money or kids.


Love is a deep emotion, Love is a strong affection towards someone or something. We’ve seen several definitions of love scribbled throughout the passages of time but none of them quite satisfy everyone. This is because love is subjective. Love is a personal conviction. There are different interpretations and views of love. Love differs amongst communities, amongst cultures, amongst individuals. This is why they say you can never truly love someone until you love yourself. If you do not love yourself you will never be able to love someone. It is not because you are incapable of doing so, it is because you cannot give what you do not have. Many couples are together without love in the relationship in today’s world.

However, most people are not aware of this and they end up with broken relationships and broken hearts. Some don’t even realize it until they are married and it feels too late. This will lead to a loveless marriage that solely exists to abide by protocol and social conventions. But is okay if both parties are in agreement with this arraignment and are happy being a couple together without love.

You are probably asking yourself why they stay together even when they do not want to. The reasons are numerous;

1. CHILDREN – Most Loveless Marriages stay together because of the children. They choose to make that sacrifice and stay in the marriage regardless of their feelings about the matter. There is a somewhat negative stigma around kids from divorced homes, they have a tendency to lash out or become unstable when their parents get a divorce. This may be because they’ve been ripped away from familiar environments or because they don’t understand why their parents aren’t together anymore. Most Loveless Marriages stay together because of this reason. They don’t want put their children through the trauma.

2. PRENUPTIALS – You’d be surprised at the number of couples that did not sign a prenup before getting married. A prenup is simply an agreement between both parties that if they were to ever get divorced, their individual assets would be protected. Due to the lack of a prenup, most spouses will choose to stay and suffer through a Loveless Marriage instead of having their assets taken away from them and split amongst both parties.

3. FEAR – The fear of what would happen is another reason most Loveless Marriages stay together. They are afraid of the domino effect they would receive. They might be ostracized from their communities. A divorce might be the best form of relief but the turmoil that follows usually lasts a long time.

4. COMMUNITY – All the around the world there are groups of people who live in the same geographical areas. They are usually not as large as a country or city. They are usually the people one grew up with. These people have known you all your life, especially if you still live in the town of your birth. Getting a divorce in these sort of communities is often difficult because many people will judge you and others will advise you to stay in the marriage. To endure. Most Loveless Marriages stay together because their tightly knit community won’t have it any other way.

5. RELIGION – Across several religions, getting a divorce is a taboo. It is something unsaid, a word only whispered in dark alleys and lonely hills. A major reason marriages stay intact even when they do not want to is because their religion is against it. They believe that if they were to go against their religion they would be ostracized from their religious communities or they would no longer be “worthy” enough to stay in that religion.

6. THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT THEIR PARTNER – There is a term called complacency. This means a calm satisfaction or content with the situation one is currently in. Most Loveless Marriages stay together because they have become complacent in their situation. Even though they do not love each they choose to remain in the marriage because they no longer know how to exist as an individual. This is very common in marriages that have lasted for a while. These people have been with themselves for so long that do not remember what life was before they got together. Hence, there is the fear of the unknown so they prefer to stay in the relationship.

7. ONE OF THE PARTNER’S IS STILL IN LOVE – This reason is the most painful of them all. When you are in a relationship where your partner no longer loves you. It is usually heartbreaking and lethal. Some individuals in Loveless Marriages choose to stay because they still love their partner and they are hoping that their partner will fall back in love with them. These types of Marriages are usually toxic because these individuals are usually willing to do anything to make their partner love them. This reason also goes the other way. Some individuals who no longer love their partners will stay in the marriage because they do not want to break the other person’s heart.

They will remain in the Loveless Marriage to preserve that person’s happiness but the ugly result is usually two miserable individuals who are craving something they will never get. At least not from themselves.

There are several other reasons Loveless Marriages stay together. One of them is that in some situations, marriages are a type of business transaction. The parents of both individuals make their children get married to each other to cement business deals or because they are friends. These marriages are doomed from the start because no one likes being forced to do anything. If you are in a Loveless Marriage and you are afraid because of the reasons listed above, it is important for you to know that your children grow and do better in an environment full of love. The society may judge you but they will never break you. If you’re still in love with your partner and they clearly do not care about you anymore, get out of that toxic environment, you’ll find someone else to love.

Encourage Yourself: Someone who will love you in return and finally, staying in a marriage because you don’t want to make anyone sad is futile. The only feelings that matter in this situation are your feelings and that of those involved directly(spouse and kids). Remember that love is personal and it must first exist within you, before it’ll be able to come out.

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