Our teens need constant motivation today, never fail to give them what they want or need. They will appreciate it in the future, even if it doesn't show now.


Motivational Quotes To Give Your Teenagers Motivation

Adolescence lasts only six years, but those six years can feel like a lifetime. You go into your teenage years a confused kid and come out a confused adult. There’s this preconception about the teenage years as the only time where you can get your life together. It seems like anyone who doesn’t know what they’re going to do with the rest of their life by the age of twenty is a failure. Let’s take a candid look at this. It is impossible to have figured your life out by twenty. At twenty you’re still growing. Life is made of constant changes and growth. I am here to help your teen with the  motivation they lack. Apply the following to assist you in every aspect of your life.

To decide what you want to do with your life at the tender age of twenty is to limit yourself. The fact is that you’re going to change. If you have a journal or diary, check the entries you wrote a year ago then sit down and think about it. You’re probably nothing like you were a year ago. Your dreams have probably changed, your thinking has changed, your expectations have changed. As you grow older, you begin to understand yourself more and more, you learn to judge yourself less and appreciate yourself more. So, if you’re a teenager lacks motivation and it feels like the world is crashing down around you, don’t give up. It will always get better. However, in order for it to get better it’ll probably get worse and during those dark times of high school graduations and the dreaded college acceptance or rejection letters, you need to know that it’ll be okay.

 Motivational Tips:

1.)  No one will ever love you the way you could love yourself – You will be surprised at how things would change if you just love yourself. You are the only person you’re going to be with all your life, the sooner you love yourself the better. It doesn’t matter what you think your flaws are, you are still beautiful. You’re always going to desire change. These feelings will always be there and the only to overcome them is to embrace them. The key to accepting yourself is accepting that you’re not perfect. No one is. Loving yourself isn’t just limited to your acceptance of your physical appearance. True acceptance is loving all the bumps and flaws on your body. It’s appreciating yourself. It is understanding that sometimes things don’t work out. It is knowing that at the end of the day you’ll be okay.

2.)  Focusing is about saying No – This is a quote by Steve Jobs and this will be the most useful skill you will ever learn. There is nothing more valuable than knowing how to say no. You need to understand that your time has worth. You are valuable and you can’t go around wasting yourself on people who aren’t worthy. There’s a trick that can be used to know who your true friends are. The next time a friend of yours asks you for something (not something life-threatening or important) say no. When you say no, watch their reaction. A true friend will understand and the others will probably try to make you feel guilty about it. This leads to our next quote.

3.)  It is better to love yourself and have no friends than to be like your friends and have no self – It’s ridiculously easy to flow with the crowd and blend in but at the end of the day, it’ll leave a large gap behind. The gap meant for your personality, what you’re made of. Having friends is great, it’s good to surround yourself with people but never at the risk of losing yourself. If a friend of yours is asking you to change yourself to suit their needs you should reconsider that relationship. You should never change yourself to suit anyone’s needs or desires. The only person you should make changes for is yourself.

4.)  External factors do not determine your value- Everyone loves validation. Kids, adults, pets, everyone. Validation makes you feel good. It’s nice to hear that someone appreciates you or you work. However, these opinions and thoughts do not determine your self-worth. It’s easy to get swept up in the throes of validation but it isn’t healthy to be the judge yourself by the opinions of others. If you only see yourself through the eyes of others, you’ll never find true happiness. True validation must come from within. Opinions are important, yes but they should never affect your self-worth.

5.)  Falling down is an accident, staying down is a choice – Sometimes when bad things happen, they become so overwhelming and overbearing that it becomes impossible to see a way out of it. These situations will happen but you must never let them keep you down. Fall down 99 times and get up 100 times.

6.)  If you want something special, you have to do something special – If you want better grades, you have to study harder. If you want to make the team, you have to train harder. If you want to get into the university of your dreams, you have to put in the work. You must be prepared to go the extra mile, to give it all you’ve got. Begin to work towards becoming the person you want to be, and apply the motivation tips that are listed here.

7.)  Flowers don’t compete with each other, they just bloom – Comparison is a red-eyed monster that lurks in the darkest depths of our thoughts. Sometimes it comes out and when it does it’s hard to submerge it. There are so many teenagers around the world doing big things, going on tours, getting into several ivy league universities. It is easy to look at these people and draw comparisons between yourselves. This behavior is toxic and it inhibits growth, don’t ever look at what the next person is doing and try to mimic them. You’re both different people going at different paces. You will bloom, just give it time.

Motivation For Your Teenagers: Six years can last a lifetime or last a minute. It’s okay if you enjoy your teenage years and it’s okay if you’re in a haste to be an adult. Just remember that even though life is tough, you’re tougher.

Encourage Yourself: Remember we must be there for each other when it comes to motivation, especially with our teenagers. Our world needs God right now but our youth need us more than ever.

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