Time heals all wounds if you allow it to, Come and be healed in Jesus name. Forgetting about the past.

Time Heals All Wounds

Unfortunately, time does not heal all wounds. There’s something to that statement because, we can all look back at a particular situation in life and laugh now, but the point is, time is just a concept we use to measure minutes, days, hours, months and years. In certain situations and with certain people, time does not heal all wounds. But overall time heals.

Time is not always a healer. The passage of time may take the edge off of acute pain, but it does not necessarily heal the pain. On the other hand, time can be used well for healing purposes. When time is used properly or  shall I say,  it is because we do something specific with and within it. We take time to shape it in order to do inner work. It is inner work coupled with courage and honesty that heals all wounds.

About six years ago I left the church I was attending, because I didn’t quite fit anymore. But while I was there, this young girl took a liking to me. She decided that sitting with me during a Sunday morning worship service was going to be her regular routine. As she began this new journey in her and my life, I instructed her to write notes from the sermon, instead of just drawing. I thought if I had her make notes of the message for the day, she would opt to sit elsewhere. She didn’t, and there we were, Sunday after Sunday.

After about two years things begin to get a little complicated for me at that particular church. I decided to part ways, and in doing so I left all of those in my circle behind. This young lady had a problem with her mom one day, and it seemed she always did, so I lit into her, which made her very angry at me. But at the time I was okay with my decision to chastise her and sever the ties. Well, as God would have it, after six years, two of the other ladies in the church made it their business to find me. In this coming back together, my heart was overjoyed.

A discussion of the young lady who used to sit with me came up, so at that point I looked her up on Facebook. Yes I found her, but she wasn’t too happy to hear from me. She expressed how I hurt her, and added to the trust issues she already had. Even with my apologies, she decided to leave things as they were, and not accept my apology. I had to reason with myself in the fact that, I did repent to her and  also anything I said was never to hurt her, but only to assist her in growing up a bit, and to stop the madness with her mother.

We can never take back the things we said, which is why one should also be very careful as to what you say. Remember that sometimes you might never get a second chance. I made it my business to set the record straight back then, but never using wisdom to decide how to handle this situation. Not seeking God’s wisdom on how to handle a problem in your life can be devastating for others, and we never want to hurt anyone. I do have some regrets, but have learned in my older age that, somethings are meant to be just the way they are. Things happen for a reason, and some things are out of our control.

Encourage Yourself: Time heals wounds if we allow it to. But to refuse someone asking for forgiveness, is terrible for the person who was initially hurt. Unforgiveness can bring on bitterness, anger, and resentment, don’t allow yourself to be in this state. Ask God to guide you, allowing you to rid yourself of the hurt. I know it can be hard, I know better than anybody, but with God’s help you, me and anyone else can overcome unforgiveness. Prayer will be a necessity in this situation. Scriptures tells us, “with God all things are possible.” Be Ye Healed In Jesus Name!

I know how hard it is growing up in a house being at odds with your mother, so I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. But I couldn’t be in the middle, and I didn’t want to give the wrong message to her or her mother. So the best thing for me to do, in that situation, was to remove myself from the equation. I never thought I had caused that much damage, but even with all of that, I do believe time heals.

Because I didn’t want to be draw into her situation with her mother, and I could never tell who was telling the truth. I opted out of that relationship with all of them. Still not wanting to hurt anyone, it happened anyway. I can only hope that she finds it in her heart to forgive me. She has her own family now with a beautiful baby girl, I pray she is happy. And yes, time heals.

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