How differently men and women feel about sexting, the good the bad and the ugly

Sexting, From a Male Perspective

Part 2: Sexting From a Male Perspective, Can it be any different from a females?

Sexting has been referred to as the act of sending or forwarding or receiving sexually explicit photographs, videos, texts and images through mobile phones. It was not until the late 21st century that the term was popularized. Originally, the term was coined from “Sex” and “Texting” which if combined gives you “Sexting”. In 2005, a study was conducted to delve further into the practice of Sexting.

The study identified three different types of the practice, which are;
• Exchange of sexually explicit images between individuals in a romantic relationship.
• Exchange of sexually explicit images that are shared with others who are not in the relationship.
• Exchange of images between individuals who are not in a romantic relationship but where one individual hopes to be in a relationship.

In the last couple of years, Sexting has grown to become one of the most common practices among individuals who are in a romantic relationship and those who wish to be in romantic relationships. The emergence of smartphones is also another reason for the rise of the practice. Although, this practice is done by people of different ages the adolescents are more prone to this practice than any other age grade. This practice is gaining prominence as of recent, that is why certain ethics and standards have not been put in place to monitor the act. One cannot really say if this practice has a negative or positive effect on adolescents, but what is important is the fact that there is consent between the two parties involved before these images, texts, photographs and videos are sent.

Genetically, men and women are wired differently meaning that what might be a major turn on to a man might be a huge turn off for a woman. Like every other practice, Sexting is viewed from both the male and the female point of view. We also know that how a man would react when he sees a naked picture of a beautiful young woman would be different from how a woman would feel when she sees a naked of a hot young man. These genetic differences exist and that is why in this article we will discuss Sexting from the male perspective. How do guys view Sexting? What are their major turn off?

In a study that was conducted by a Professor in the US, it was discovered that women tend to sext more than men do, but this does not mean that only women receive these sexually explicit images. Generally, men tend to be more open about their sexual drives and desires and this is why men initiate these sexts. Men tend to send nude images and texts to women more because unlike like women they are completely open about their sexual desires and drives.

Most times men sext not because they feel like doing so but because often times they have been coerced by their friends. Most women do not know this but most times men sext because they are just bored not because they are truly horny or something. A study was conducted which shows that individuals from the age of 18 to 24 tend to sext more, this is because most times they become bored of routine texts and want to take things up a bit.

Most of the lines that are used while sexting are often times gotten from literature. The male folk generally want to prove that they are the head every time, that is why they take little things like the words sent into consideration. To ensure that they do not sound off or immediately turn off the lady, they will carry out researches to find lines that would be appealing to the lady on the other end.

Unlike women who find it difficult to sext with total strangers, men do not have a problem with this as they find it more interesting and fun. Also, to buttress the first point mentioned above, men see sexting as a game they play with women and most times are not so personally or emotionally attached to them. Also, men tend to sext random women and sometimes see who replies or obliges their request.

Major Turn-On For Men
Nothing turns a man own than nudity and texts that are well described. The aim of sexting is to have an intimate time with the individual who could either be your partner or your soon-to-be partner. Men are turned on when women describe what they would love to do with them sexually and to crown it all, nude pictures have been researched as the major turn on for men all over the world.

Another thing that turns men on during sexting is fast replies. Nobody likes to be snubbed or not given attention for a long period of time. According to several researches, it was discovered that men have a shorter attention span than women which means that as soon as the replies are coming later than expected, he will immediately lose interest.

Turn-Off for Men
Several things can turn men off while sexting, one of them happens to be that of late replies and use of emojis often. Besides late replies, emojis is another proved turn off men while sexting.
Sexting is a practice that is carried out by the male and female folk alike, while the female folk tend to sext more, the male fold initiates them more and is prone to ask for images and videos. One cannot say which of these folks enjoy sexting more, but the fact is that they both enjoy and they do it for different reasons. While a female may sext because she wants to please her partner, a man might decide to sext just because he is bored and cannot think of any other stuff to do at the moment.

As mentioned earlier, men and women are wired differently, meaning that for each action that is carried out, there are different reasons and different reactions to it.

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