Purpose, something you must know what your purpose is in God.

‘It’s not about praise, it is about purpose’

‘It’s not just about praise, it is about purpose’ What’s your purpose? Many don’t know.

The Bible gives us many reasons to praise God. The Book of Psalms lists numerous reasons why praising God is important and how to praise Him. Praise is a means of glorifying God. Every believer should inculcate the habit of praising God. Praises offer many benefits, but the purpose offers satisfaction and divine inspiration.

• Praise gets our focus back on God. In praising God, we aren’t moved by distractions or difficulties. We remain focused on the one who is able to truly help us. We realize that it’s not about us but about Him. Psalm 150:2

• Praise brings gladness and joy to a person’s heart. In our state of weariness and disappointment, praise lifts our spirits and makes us glad. It is impossible to truly praise God and yet remain sad. Praise is like a balm that lightens up a weary soul. Hebrews. 13:15

• It brings speedy answers to prayers. Turning our eyes away from our problems and instead praising God brings speedy answers to prayers. In praise, we thank God for past, present and future mercies and blessings. God loves a grateful believer and responds speedily to His requests. Psalm 100:4, Acts 16:25-26. In the case of Paul and Silas, their conditions did not determine their reactions. They adopted a life of praise and did so even in prison. God responded and saved them in a miraculous manner.

• Praise brings humility. In praising God, every believer is able to reflect and realize that they are incapable without God. In praise, we recognize that life makes no sense without Him. Psalm. 95:2-3

• Praise makes the enemy flee. The enemy cannot stand it when we give God praise. He fails to understand why we remain joyful in spite of the things he sends our way. Praise blocks the enemy’s attacks and makes us truly victorious.

• Praise invites God’s presence: When we praise God, we bring down His presence. God dwells in the praises of His people. Psalm. 22:3. In His presence, we receive a renewed and refreshed. We are able to command situations and make exploits.

These and more are reasons to live a life of praise. However, it is worthy to note that the purpose of every believer is to live a life that glorifies God. God created each and every one of us with a unique purpose for our lives. He puts in us passions, gifts and talents that are in line with that purpose. Irrespective of the area we have been called to function or minister, our lives all sums up to one purpose, to glorify God. It’s not just about offering songs of praise, we must align with God’s purpose for our lives and be the best at it so that it glorifies God, which in itself is praise. Isaiah 43:7

Everyone should discover God’s purpose for their lives:
• It gives you a sense of direction: Living a purpose driven life gives you a focus for your life. You are able to know what decisions and steps to take at every point in time. Your purpose determines the way you do things and how you do them. You are not moved by distractions because you know where your life is headed. You also don’t live each day as it comes. There is a reason for your existence and you are able to walk in the light of that.

• It gives you values for your life: Discovering purpose helps you set values to live by. You don’t just live anyway, because there are certain standards set for your life. You have a sense of morality and rightness. Knowing your purpose makes you live a life that is full of integrity and true to your core values.

• A sense of satisfaction: Living a life of purpose gives you a sense of gratification. Working towards that goal and making an impact makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled. You tend to live your life to the fullest with that in mind.

• We are able to identify purpose in trials: When things go wrong and life becomes difficult, having a sense of purpose is important because we are able to discover the meaning of such situations. A purpose driven life is not discouraged when facing difficulties. He knows where he is going and trusts that the present difficulty is temporary. He sees his purpose and is determined in the midst of it all.

For the believer, our ultimate goal is to bring glory to God. We do this by discovering His purpose for our lives, aligning to that and being the best in our area of calling. This is how God is truly glorified. Basically, in purpose, God is praised.

How do we discover purpose?

Purpose is the main reason we do, what we do many times. It gives us motivation or is the reason for our cause.
1.) Go to God in prayer: He is the one who gives purpose. If you feel you lack direction for your life, ask God for help. James. 1:5. He knows you better than anyone. He knows why He has created you. Ask God with an expectant heart. Trust Him even in the midst of your confusion. Psalm 23:2-3

2.) Search His word: One of the ways God speaks to a person is through the word. In His word, you are able to understand what He requires of you and how to live a life pleasing unto Him. Psalm. 119:105

3.) Discover your gifts and passion: God has planted gifts into your life to help you live your purpose. What you are good it might serve as a pointer. Your passions are also important. What gets you excited and you are willing to do, even for free. Gifts plus passions give purpose.

4.) Listen: You can’t hear from God if you aren’t listening. You must take time apart to hear from Him. Discover how He speaks to you and pays close attention.

God’s specific plan for your life has a twofold nature. It furthers His kingdom, and transforms you. Your relationship will grow closer to God as you rely on His ability, and discovering your purpose will also bring you great joy.

Encourage Yourself:
In essence, our goal is to glorify God (1 Corinthians. 10:31) and we do this by praising Him, worshiping Him and doing His will. We were created by Him so we must live our lives accomplishing what He has created us to do. God has a blueprint for our lives that He unfolds before us. No one can fulfill your specific destiny. Believe that the Holy Spirit will lead and empower you, and you will accomplish in fulfilling the Lord’s purpose in your life.

Each Christian is called to ministry. This does not necessarily mean all will be full-time preachers or ministers. Note that with the leadership of the Holy Ghost, believers are required to share the gospel through their words and deeds.

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