we have to raise our standards; a person in love with Jesus wants to become more like Him every day. Those who love the gospel will strive to the highest standards. God invites us to the holy life.

Have We Lowered Our Standards As Christians?

Have We Lowered Our Standards As Christians? The Answer Is Yes!

If you were to ask if Christianity belittles it’s standards of moral behavior, then I would say yes, we have. We allow the world to teach the church with secular ideas of right and wrong. We also try to force Christian values into a secular society. Yes, we have lowered our standards as Christians, and we must change immediately. Lives depend on it.

Christians must part with the worldly ways of accepting God. Learn differences from faith in God and faithfulness. Even if it means we are outraged and persecuted. Only God will set us up, and our living standards will be envied by the unbelievers. Not because we have wealth or political influence, but because we have the favor of God in everything we do. Do you believe that the standard of Christian living has been lowered? Somehow, yes. The next question is whether that is bad. Just like asking if, “the standard of White living has been lowered?” If we compare ourselves to the time of slave ownership (as an example among many), if whites participated in all kinds of positions of power, one could say that their standard of living was low. But I do not think many people would argue that it would be best to return to these standards.

Social media
Social media has dramatically tampered the way most of us communicate, relax and even work, but it somehow looks like a source of confusion. It is not surprising that many Christians have doubts about their use. Is it acceptable and reasonable to handle it? Is it a waste of the Lord’s day? Does the surface stimulate or induce an attention-grabbing mentality? Does this create a mental competitive or comparative psychological situation? These are all reasonable concerns for our spiritual well being.

Bible Teachings: The Bible teaches us to “give careful thought to our ways” and to make the best of our time (Haggai 1: 5, Ephesians 5: 15-16). 1 Corinthians 10:23 also gives us the awareness that while some activities are morally neutral, they are not always useful or constructive. So when something is recorded in a significant part of our attention and our time, it is appropriate, and God is honored to judge our actions and intentions according to Scripture. As in other areas of our lives, we need to ask ourselves if social media is reducing our standards in areas that should be important to believers.

One of the unfortunate features of social media is its tendency to promote and even praise the low standard of information. When we subscribe to sites such as Facebook or Twitter, our brains are flooded with a stream of, especially simple, random and discrete news. We are attracted to a world focused on true knowledge and insight. Unimportant things are praised and shared. As a rule, we look for data that has no real use and congratulate each other because they work relatively little. We allow social media to take our focus away from more valuable things and reduce our standards, which is true excellence, commendable, that is worthy of our time.

Does that mean that social media is bad? Does that mean that Christians cannot or do not enjoy social media, whatever we share, must it involve spiritual moments? No! We can continue to enjoy social media and be effective in our Christian lives. But remember, as followers of Jesus, we must constantly examine our activities and motives to see if they conform to HIS standards (Romans 12: 2, 2 Corinthians 13: 5).

Encourage Yourself: Yes, we have to raise our standards; a person in love with Jesus wants to become more like Him every day. Those who love the gospel will strive to the highest standards. God invites us to the holy life. But we make sure that we major in “the more important matters of the law-justice, faithfulness, and mercy. You should practice the latter without neglecting the former ” (Mt 23:23). You should always strive for a spirit of excellence, that would mean raising your standards. We must have courage or the moral fortitude to dare to be different.

What is moral?

Nothing is necessarily moral or immoral. Morality is a very old notion which is being replaced with the concept of ethics.

What does fortitude mean?

Fortitude means to have courage at a painful time… such as a heart attack. An mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation within oneself.. Check out this link mifortitude.com to watch amazing inspirational inner strength videos.

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